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Canon MP 480 wont print black and white?

i had the same problem when the print options appear just click on preferences and near the bottom there is a box that says something like "grayscale printing" and just click (MORE)

Is there a printer driver for Canon MP 370 in Ubuntu?

Quote taken from the Ubuntu forum: Good news for those owning MP370 (canon smartbase) : when plugged into lucid it looks for a driver, doesn't find it but asks to choose one. (MORE)
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What kind of product is the Canon MP 780?

The Canon MP780 is an all-in-one photo printer. The printer has functions for printing photos, scanning, and copying. It can also be used to print photos without the use of a (MORE)
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What is the average retail cost of the Canon Pixma MP 780?

The retail cost of the Canon Pixma MP 780 is about $500. A less expensive price can be obtained from the Canon website. But upon walking into a Canon retail outlet, the purc (MORE)
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What is the best canon mp one could get?

There are several types of Canon MP, but the best one will vary depending on an individual's needs. For example, the Canon Pixma MP series of printer ink cartridges may suit a (MORE)
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Where does one buy Canon MP printers?

One can purchase Canon MP printers from the following retailers: BT Shop, Play, eBay, InknToner UK, Amazon, USA Canon website, John Lewis, Flipkart, Currys, Pixmania.