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Is there a printer driver for Canon MP 370 in Ubuntu?

Quote taken from the Ubuntu forum: Good news for those owning MP370 (canon smartbase) : when plugged into lucid it looks for a driver, doesn't find it but asks to choose one. (MORE)

How can you reset your Canon Pixma mx700?

with most canon printers the factory reset is done by unplugging  the unit, and holding the power and cancel button while it is  plugged back in again.
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Can you use your canon mp 640 as airprinter for your iPad?

The Canon MP640 does not have AirPrint capability, however it may be possible to hack your printer driver to allow it. You will need to download and install (somewhat illegal) (MORE)
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What kind of product is the Canon MP 780?

The Canon MP780 is an all-in-one photo printer. The printer has functions for printing photos, scanning, and copying. It can also be used to print photos without the use of a (MORE)
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Where does one buy Canon MP printers?

One can purchase Canon MP printers from the following retailers: BT Shop, Play, eBay, InknToner UK, Amazon, USA Canon website, John Lewis, Flipkart, Currys, Pixmania.
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