What are codes for Emerson TV using direct TV remote?

Working Code for Emerson LC320EM9 !!! The following code worked for me... 1864 . I have an Emerson LC320EM9 32", and a SuddenLink Cable box, with a Motorola Universal Remo (MORE)
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How do you use sleep timer on TV with Direct TV?

Direct TV does not have a sleep timer unfortunately. Therefore I use my TV's sleep timer and the box stays on pretty much all the time. I have me Ed had any complication with (MORE)

What are the codes for a Panasonic television using a dish network remote?

Here are the codes associated with your Panasonic TV: 700, 644, 734, 512, 689, or 510. I have also provided instructions on how to program your Dish remote to your TV. Addr (MORE)