How do you put paper canon palm printer P1-DH V?

Okay so you have to feed the paper through the slit in the back and put it through between the black and silver part but it takes forever! so what i did was folded a post-it n (MORE)

How to load paper canon palm printer p1-dh v?

I just successfully completed the task of loading paper into thecanon palm printer p1-dh v. My problem was that the paper was notbeing grabbed by the "Feed" button. Where I wa (MORE)
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Manual for canon palm printer P1-DH V?

Call 1-800-828-4040 Select technical support. You actually get a live English speaking person. They can e-mail you the manual in .pdf format. It takes about 5 minutes. I just (MORE)
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How do you load paper canon palm printer p1-dh v?

. P1-DH V . Take of the top "cover", to allow access to the paper loading area.. Put the roll of paper on the arm, paper roll facing your chest, so the paper is going away (MORE)
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How do you feed paper into a canon p23-dh v adding machine?

The Canon P23-dHV adding machine can be reloaded with paper bylocating the slot under the paper roller. Insert the top of theroll into the slot and place the roller in its hol (MORE)
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Pictures of how to load the paper in the Canon P23-DH Vadding machine?

I can't post photos here but I can tell you it's easy. Use roll of adding machine paper so loose end starts at back of roll. Feed it into the slot on the back of the Casio. (MORE)
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Canon p1-dh v change settings?

How do i change the setting on my p1-dh v palm printer from rounding to the nearest dollar to actual balance. please help...... Thanks.

How do you set tax amounts on canon palm printer p1-dh v?

Press the blue "RATE" button, after doing so the tiny TAX% icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen will start to flash. Type in your tax rate (i.e. 7.25) and then hit (MORE)

How do you reset canon i550 printer mode?

Try the following to reset your canon i550. Turn off printer. Hold down resume button, press power button. Keep holding down power button, release resume button. Press (MORE)