Why would food residue remain on dishes after running the dishwasher?

It could have been blocked by other items in the dishwasher, or it may have dried on the item, and not been wet enough to soak loose. ANS 2 -Two things - The rotor spray a (MORE)

Cleaning out the dishwasher filter?

Cleaning out the dishwasher filter will help to keep yourdishwasher working properly. The dishwasher manual will show youwhere the filter is. Remove it, clean out any debris t (MORE)

How many amps are needed to efficiently run a dishwasher?

Check the nameplate or in themanual for the rating of the dishwasher. If you don't have the dishwasher manual, "Google" the make and model to get the specs. Usually appliance (MORE)

Why won't dishwasher dry after cleaning?

If your dishwasher won't dry when drying is selected, the heating element in the bottom is probably broken. If this is the case you should repair it or replace your dishwasher (MORE)