How do you say 2400000000?

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Who are you to say 'no'?

Please resubmit your question as it is unclear to whom your referring to and about what. Thank you.

When do you say he and I?

"He and I" can be used in any context in which it would be correct to say "I" alone. To check, drop the word describing the other person. If the sentence still makes sense, yo

What do i do if he says no?

If you are one of his friends then move on and still be his friend act like nothing happened that's the best thing to do... Hope I helped. Good luck!! :D

How do you say when?

You say wen but it is spelled when. In older versions of English, the "wh" had a unique sound thatwould sound like "hw". So, when, instead of being pronounced "wen"like it is

Do you say there were or there was?

It depends entirely on what the predicate is. If it is singular, ittakes "there was" and if it is plural, it takes "there were". Ex. There was a book on the shelf. There wer