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What is Saying?

Saying is expressing yourself with words. It could be a report or  just a conversation even, but there is meaning behind what is being  said.

Is the saying?

There are many sayings in the world. The biggest saying known in  entertainment is break a leg meaning good luck.

How do you say such as?

  Another way to say 'such as' is, 'For example,' or when written, you can abbreviate it as: 'e.g.,' which also means 'for example' or such as.

Can you say was had?

Of course you can. I said it at a party yesterday and a good time was had by all.   You can also say "is had" (When we party a good time is had by all.) And you can say "wi

What if he is not saying it?

    If you want someone to say " i love you" i highly suggest losing about 15lbs, shaving your private area and taking at least one shower this week.

How do you get in it if it says you can not?

If you are attempting to access WikiAnswers and encounter a message that states "Oops," or "You're in limited access mode," either someone who uses your server IP has violated

CAN I say He do it?

No, the correct phrase is 'he does it'.

Can i say you and me or you and I?

the proper way would be to say you and I. In earlier grammar people used this phrase instead of you and me because it simply didn't sound right. Or for several reasons it didn
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Why do you say if i were and not if i was?

That is the rule. If I were you I would talk to her now. For this type of conditional sentence (impossible conditions) were is used for all subjects: If he were king he

When you say a our an?

The indefinite  article is a or an. But how  do we know when to say a and when to say  an?  The rule is really  very simple. It depends on the sound at the start  of the