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How do you say Jesus loves you?

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What did Jesus love?

Jesus loved and still loves many things: his friends on earth eg. Lazarus, his earthly mother and father, his father God in Heaven. And today Jesus still loves all the people

What did Jesus say about Love?

love your neighbour as yourself . love is not a sin. true love does not pushed into sin.

How many times did Jesus say the word love in the Bible?

  If you believe Jesus is the God of the Old and New Testaments and spoke through the prophets in the writing of all scripture then 311x. In the Old Testament: 131x In

Where did Jesus say 'I Am'?

A: In John's Gospel, Jesus says "I am" several times in a play on words that has Jesus claim to be God: In John 18:4-6, when the Jewish authorities came asking for Jesus in th

Who did Jesus say he was?

When he was asked, "are you the son of God?" he answered, "You rightly say that I am." (Luke 22:70)