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What is the top selling digital SLR camera?

Answer . Here is what i found from Amazon. 1. Canon EOS 40D 10.1MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) by Canon Price: $1,299.99 You Save: . 2. Canon Digital Rebel XT (MORE)

Which company manufactures digital cameras?

The major camera manufacturers include (in alphabetical order): CanonCasioFujifilmKodakLeicaNikonOlympusPanasonicPentaxRicohSamsungSony However, they do not manufacture all (MORE)

Which digital camera company do you prefer?

As most people usually only own either just one camera or one brand of camera, the preferred camera company is usually the one who makes your camera. However, it comes down to (MORE)

Who designs pink digital cameras?

There are quite a few manufacturers of digital cameras that sell them in a pink colour. These manufacturers include Nikon, Canon and Sony amongst many others.
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