How do you send Jay Leno a funny newspaper ad?

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Contact Jay Leno?

Hello,i am a car fan and would love to visit jay leno garage and meet him.eventhou i live in Puerto Rico if i have any trip to California could i make arrangements to do this. Thanks in advance for your reply, William

Where was Jay Leno born?

Jay Leno was born in New Rochelle, New York on April 28 th , 1950. As of May 2009, he is 59 years old.

How rich is Jay Leno?

Jay Leno has an estimated net worth of $876 million dollars. He spends quite a bit of that on cars, lucky dog that he is.

Is Jay Leno divorced?

He is not divorced. Jay Leno is married to his wife Mavis. Theyhave been married since November 30, 1980.

How come most of the funnies in a newspaper aren't funny?

There are some obstacles that get in the way of understanding a joke or find it funny : - Not everybody has the same taste in humor. - Not everybody has the same culture or information needed to understand the joke - Not everybody understands all jokes. Some jokes take time to "get the point" (MORE)

Are newspaper ads enforceable?

It depends on the prevailing law where you live and exactly what was in the newspaper ad.. The general answer is usually no. An ad in a newspaper is generally not held to be an offer for purposes of contract law, where you show up to accept that offer. Ads are just solicitations for you to make an (MORE)

Jay leno worth?

As of July 2014, Jay Leno's net worth is an estimated 350 milliondollars. Jay is a stand up comedian, talk show host, and actor.

How much money does Jay Leno have?

To use the irreverent colloquial expression, he is "Richer than God". But that has to be temepred by two facts: He is an incurable workaholic (he earns big bucks faster than he can spend them) and he contributes heavily to several charities.

Is Jay Leno a Republican?

\n. \nWhy do you want to know>\n. \nNo, he is not a Republican. According to this 2004 interview, he has never voted Republican.\n. \n

What Religion is Jay Leno?

I would guess that he is agnostic/doesn't care/or wants people not to know about his beliefs. He has criticized or made fun of several religions, as he began as a comedian.The Catholic church and others are commonly angry at his remarks.

Who is Jay Leno?

Jay Leno (b. April 28, 1950) is a talk show host. Starting in 1992, he was the host of NBC's The Tonight Show With Jay Leno . In 2009, Leno left The Tonight Show to be replaced by Conan O'Brien. He then launched a new NBC show called The Jay Leno Show . When O'Brien left the network in 2010 due (MORE)

How much to place ad in newspaper?

Depends on the size, type of ad, area & the circulation of the paper in question. Without those we can only speculate or provide guesses.

Is Jay Leno dead?

re: Jay Leno isn't dead. HOW IN THE HELL CAN U THINK JAY LENO IS DEAD. HE IS NOT DEAD. To the last person who responded. Don't shout and get annoyed at someone just because they asked that question!

Did Jay Leno die?

He hasn't died, yet. Jay Leno did retire from the Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon is nowthe current host of the show.

Where does Jay Leno go to church?

Jay Leno is a very private person, and he says little about his religious beliefs. We do know he was raised a Christian, but he has not mentioned what role, if any, religion plays in his life today.

Is Jay Leno as stunt person?

nah hes not he only did stunts on a doritos commercial once but that's it he a comdian and a motivational speaker.:))) 3--> suck'ett

How do you make a funny roblox ad?

you need to go to paint then go to image then attributes and then just make the size you want (728x90,160x600,or 300x250) then create how you want it

Does jay Leno own a Bugatti?

Jay Leno does own a Bugatti. He actually has two. The first one isa 1937 Bugatti Atlantic Coupe. The second Bugatti he owns is aBugatti Veyron Grandsport.

Has Jay Leno won an Emmy?

Yes. In 1995, Jay Leno's The Tonight Show won an Emmy under this title: Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series .

How effective is newspaper ads?

Effective enough that businesses keep placing them, which they wouldn't do if they felt they weren't getting their money's worth from them.

Who jay leno replaced?

Jay Leno replaced Johnny Carson as host of the Tonight Show in 1982, after having been a regular substitute host for Carson.

Is Jay Leno a Millionaire?

This is a silly question, I dont know his contract ammount but it is easily in the millions per year.

What is Jay Lenos worth?

Jay Leno is worth however much money he has put away to his name. Not a dime more. Just find out how much he has put away, and you get your answer.

How to you sell newspaper ad space?

There are two ways to sell newspaper ad space. First, the people who read the newspaper in question are logically going to think of it, if they have something to advertise. The most important way to sell newspaper ad space, therefore, is just to sell the newspaper itself. Newspapers with large circu (MORE)

What exactly is Jay Leno famous for?

Jay Leno is famous for winning a Emmy Award in April of 2013. He hosted The Tonight Show With Jay Leno from 1992 to 2009 with a one year break before returning in 2010.

Is jay Leno catholic-?

Jay Leno has never revealed his religious preference as an adult.As a child however he was raised as a Catholic.

How do you book ad in newspaper?

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What has the author Jay Leno written?

Jay Leno has written: 'Headlines III' -- subject(s): Newspapers, Humor, Headlines, American wit and humor 'Headlines IV' 'More headlines' -- subject(s): Newspapers, Humor, Headlines, American wit and humor 'Leading with my chin' -- subject(s): Biography, Television personalities, Comedians, (MORE)