How do you send audio files on your iPhone when mms is turned on but the message fails to send?

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Can you send picture text messages on the iPhone?

You can send a picture message on iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS but they must be on the latest firmware. However you can't send picture messages on the original iPhone even if you

How can you send mms on your iPhone 3g?

You'll either have to wait until the 25th of Sept. until AT&T decides they want to release it or you can use third party apps like Get MMs or Swirly which are kinda complex to

How do you send an MMS message on an iPhone 3g?

The 3.0 iPhone update supports MMS, but the service is not yet supported by AT&T.. AT&T has announced that it will launch the long-awaited MMS service starting on September 2

How do you send a photo by text message on an iphone?

Right next to the text field when sending a text message is a round button with a camera on it. You press that button and choose is you want to take a photo or video on your c

How can you send longer mms messages?

Unless you are in a group iMessage, you are sadly limited to 160 characters per text because other cell phones cannot receive longer texts. The worst that will happen when you

How do you send a picture message from an iphone to a blackberry?

You can send a picture message to any phone by pressing the round button with a camera icon located to the left of the text box and then either taking a photo or finding one y

How do you send messages on the iPhone 4?

Touch the message tab, touch the new message button in the top right hand corner, input the receving number, then touch the clear space above the keyboard, type your message t

What do you do when your text message fails to send?

1st you check if you have credit 2nd ring your network and see if they know whats wrong 3rd check out the website and ask if the number you were trying to txt ha

How can you send message attachements with iphone?

You can attach a photo, video, or gif to a message using the round button with a camera icon (located to the left of the text box in Messages). You can also do this using copy
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How can you send an mms message?

You send an MMS by pressing the Compose button that is in the top-right corner of the main menu of the Messages app. You type in the contact names and/or numbers of everyone y