How do you send audio files on your iPhone when mms is turned on but the message fails to send?

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Can you send picture text messages on the iPhone?

You can send a picture message on iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS but they must be on the latest firmware. However you can't send picture messages on the original iPhone even if you have upgraded to the new firmware. The 3GS can send MMS with video attachments, audio attachments and picture attachments. Th (MORE)

How do you send large audio files over the web?

Sending large audio files is easy with the right tools. Most email providers only allow up to 10mb including encoding of the email. Realistcally, 7.5mb max attachment size. Check out a large file transfer website to get the job done. If you want you can use my brothers site to send files up to 2GB,. (MORE)

How do you send messages?

There are many ways to send messages. You can write or type a note and send it through the mail. You can write or type a note and have a messenger deliver it. You can send a telegraph message. You can send an email. You can send a text message. You can post a message on a message board. (MORE)

How can you send mms on your iPhone 3g?

You'll either have to wait until the 25th of Sept. until AT&T decides they want to release it or you can use third party apps like Get MMs or Swirly which are kinda complex to use and I would not recommend because you have to Jailbreak or hack your phone with Cydia which has been known to mess up ce (MORE)

How do you send and receive picture messages on the iPhone?

There is a free app in iTunes from Hook Mobile that allows you to send a picture message. Once you sign up whoever you are sending a message to will have to accept the message and then you are good to go. It actually works quite well it is just not part of the text message app like it is on every ot (MORE)

How to send audio and video to my tv?

There are several ways depending on your TV, but your TV needs some sort of A/V input. There are several kinds: - COMPOSITE: RCA connectors, red and white are audio and yellow is composite video - COMPONENT: RCA connectors, audio are the same, video are red green and blue. - SCART: a bulk con (MORE)

How do you stop a text message from sending on iPhone?

Whilst the message is sending, tap "Edit" next to the send bar and select the message that you're supposed to be sending. After selecting the message, click delete. That will stop the message from being sent. Keep in mind that this is supposed to be a quick process so you have to be quick to delete (MORE)

How do you send message?

You click on someone's name, scroll to the bottom of their page (classic profiles) and click on 'Leave a message on XXX's message board'.

How do you send a photo by text message on an iphone?

Right next to the text field when sending a text message is a round button with a camera on it. You press that button and choose is you want to take a photo or video on your camera or choose a photo or video you already have saved on your device. once you have your picture, it will appear in the tex (MORE)

Why can't you send picture messages on the iphone?

iPhone indeed supports sending pictures via MMS or iMessages. IfyouriPhone won't send pictures in text, my guess is you don't haveMMS enabled on your phone. Also, this problem may be caused by thenetwork, the carrier and so on.

How do you send audio to other people?

If you are looking for LIVE audio, you can set up a streaming account. this can be done on ustream . it is video broadcast but if you use the right software, you can just set a Logo and broadcast audio.\n\nif you want to send a snippet of audio, Email would be a good way. record an (MORE)

Which iPhone App can be used to send mp3 files over bluetooth to another phone?

A professional iphone transfer can help you transfer your iPhone files to iPhone, computer and iTunes. Learn more here: It can: 1、Transfer files from iPhone to iPhone(iPhone to iPhone transfer) 2、Transfer files from iPhone to (MORE)

How can you send longer mms messages?

Unless you are in a group iMessage, you are sadly limited to 160 characters per text because other cell phones cannot receive longer texts. The worst that will happen when you go over the limit s that your text might get broken up on the other end into two texts.

Can you send a business card from an iPhone?

Hi everybody. We've launched an app that should help solve this issue. It's called CardSender Pro, it works well and it's free. Check out our website:

How do you send contacts from iPhone to iPhone?

You go to contacts on your iPhone. Select a contact and click share contact. It should then ask mms or email and you choose which one and send it. I am not sure about receiving it, but I hope this helped : ) Go to the appstore. Search "memova" install the first free app for contacts sync. make an (MORE)

How do you send songs on a iPhone?

you cannot send a song on the iphone from the music app. Unless you recorded or downloaded a song with another application (voice memos, garage band etc.) you cannot send music to somebody else from your iphone

How do you send a picture message from an iphone to a blackberry?

You can send a picture message to any phone by pressing the round button with a camera icon located to the left of the text box and then either taking a photo or finding one you saved on your phone already. You can also copy and paste a picture into the text field of your message. Press Send when ev (MORE)

Why can you send a message?

Instead of talking face to face, or if some one is far away you can send them a message on facebook on profile where I am blocked so they cannot send my friends a messages.

How do you send messages on the iPhone 4?

Touch the message tab, touch the new message button in the top right hand corner, input the receving number, then touch the clear space above the keyboard, type your message then press send.

What do you do when your text message fails to send?

1st you check if you have credit 2nd ring your network and see if they know whats wrong 3rd check out the website and ask if the number you were trying to txt has been blocked then ask to unblock it.if that doesn't work I dont know what else will unless theres something wrong with your (MORE)

How can you send message attachements with iphone?

You can attach a photo, video, or gif to a message using the round button with a camera icon (located to the left of the text box in Messages). You can also do this using copy and paste. If you are able to iMessage, you can also send contacts and interactive addresses in Maps using the share buttons (MORE)

How can you send an mms message?

You send an MMS by pressing the Compose button that is in the top-right corner of the main menu of the Messages app. You type in the contact names and/or numbers of everyone you want to create a group MMS with (separating different contacts with a space). Lastly, you type in your message in the text (MORE)

How do you send photos from iPhone to iPhone by bluetooth?

Download the Bump app which is free from the App Store which allows you to send pictures and much more by just tapping your iPhones together. You can do it via following steps. 1 Download and install the iBluetooth application from Cydia, a resource for iPhone apps. 2 Activate the Bluetooth f (MORE)

How can you send attachments on an iPhone 4S?

You can do it straight from a program such as email or notes. Once you open such a program you will see an arrow forward sign, once you tap it, you will be given the choice to forward by email whatever you are viewing to be sent by email, Bluetooth, file transfer, to print or open in another program (MORE)

Why will my iPhone not send pictures?

You will need to check your setting for email and SMS. Ask your network provider to send you the settings. If that fails take your handset to an Apple store for further help.

Why some bulk message sending software encountering spamming and sending failed problems?

Basically, mobile communication use compression techniques. Two types of compression techniques are there. they are: 1. lossy compression 2. lossless compression. While the user send an SMS, copmression technique is applied at the transmitter section and decompression technique is applied at (MORE)

How would one go about sending a text message on an iPhone?

Sending text message on an iPhone is pretty easy. First the usershould go to the green icon where it said SMS, the tap the iconlike an paper with an pencil, add the person number and then thetext message. Finally click the send button and it will be send.

Where can someone find information on sending an MMS message?

One can find useful information on sending MMS messages by visiting help & questions online. Another effective way to receive help is to ask in a local mobile device store, as the employees are obliged to give appropriate information about their products and their features.

How do you send messages to a group on iPhone?

Download free app Easy Group, create your group, populate it withyour contacts, and then you have a "Text" button each time you wantto send a SMS to all group members. You don't have to recreate thegroup each time.