How do you send video clips at bitoy's funniest video?

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Where can you download pirates video clips?

Answer if you are talking about pirates of the caribbean, then go to the official site. and click at worlds end and you can watch video clips. . you can use ant toolbar in downloading videos off your browser and you will need a converter for you to be able to play it in other me ( Full Answer )

Where do you send a video for Americas Funniest Home Videos?

This is a video of one of our skunks... My name is Eva Marie and I own 5 skunks, this video is Boo, she is 15 years old..My number is (904)619-5800 and my email address is My address is 6615 Aline rd jacksonville, fl 32244.

How do you burn video clip to DVD?

Well, to burn a video clip to DVD, all you need is DVD burning software. I myself use one called Aimersoft DVD Creator (perfectly compatible with all kinds of video formats), highly recommended. How to? Well, firstly, you need to download Aimersoft DVD Creator and launch it. Secondly, import your do ( Full Answer )

What is the Legend of Zelda funniest video?

Im going to have to say that the funniest Zelda video is the one made by "legendary frog producing" I believe it is called the return of gannon or something.

Where do you find video clips?

Well the obvious one is or you can use google videos. Depends on what kind of clip your looking for. You could look for a torrent that may have the clip but they usually just have whole movies and whole songs, ect.

Who is the girl in the galleon video clip?

Her name is Jitka Ogurekova. She's a fashion model from Prague, Czech Republic, her height is 172 cm, sizes: 88-60-86.5, eyes: brown Ciao! Giorgio from Hungary

How do you take clips from videos?

ATI file player has a still photo button. Also certain camera software has still photo options when you're playing the video.. It's all about software.

How do you copy sound from a video clip?

\n--ImTOO Video to Audio Converter--\n. \nImTOO Video to Audio Converter is a powerful audio extractor extracting audio from video, like convert MPEG to MP3, convert MPEG to M4A, and AVI to MP3. The primary function of the video to audio converter is extracting audio from video files, such as AVI, ( Full Answer )

How do you send video clips to bitoy's funniest?

The show also airs local entries sent by the viewers which can win up to 10,000 pesos! All you have to do to join is send a hard copy of your funniest video to: Bitoy's Funniest Video c/o GMA 7, EDSA corner Timog Ave., Diliman, Q.C.

What is the funniest YouTube video?

i recomend excl's videos hes awesome =) try the "Zacks day off " videos by ZACKM300 AVGN is also very funny the funniest video i think is either Tristan gets funky or Tristan's everybody dance now or this video

How do you put a video clip into imovie?

To put video clips into iMovie select Import from the File menu. You can select to either Import from camera or Import movie clips from our computer. See tutorials linked below.

Who hosts America's Funniest Home Videos?

Tom Bergeron from "Dancing With the Stars" is currently hosting AFV. I believe he has been hosting it since season 11 and the 20th season of the show starts October 4th.

Where do i get video clips to put in a youtube video?

I would love to help you if you provided more information about what clips you want. Though it is generally recommended that you make record your own video with a camera as using video clips from elsewhere can lead to copyright issues.

What time is America's funniest home videos on?

"America's Funniest Home Videos" airs on WGN America, ABC Family and ABC. WGN America and ABC Family airs it almost daily, while ABC airs it every Sunday (with new episodes/encores of new episodes).. I suggest you use, ( Full Answer )

What are the funniest videos online?

Try these on youtube:Halo3RobotChicken3,Try to watch this without laughing or grinning 2,Robotchicken spedup,Robotchicken starwars.Now Google videos:Mr.T and the foo fighters.Oh!Ill give you the best end title on youtube(my opinion)Godzilla Final Wars End Title

Who is the funniest video maker on Youtube?

Some of the funniest comedians on You-Tube are: Fred - NigaHiga - Makemebad35 - CharlesTrippy - Bill Brondon - ( Full Answer )

Can a video clip be copied to a CD?

Yes, a video clip can be copied to a CD, but you have to have the video clip on your hard drive. It cannot be on the internet.

Were is download videos and clips for free?

No where unless the artist has specified that they allow it to be downloaded for free, then all free music downloading is illegal. But you can use a downloader to download movies from a website, this is the link:

What is the funniest video you've watched on Youtube?

there are many funny videos on youtube like Fred Also this question is quite hard to answer because everyone has different opinions but mine, for sure is "thepinkowls!" If you search "thepinkowls" then you'll find a bunch of videos but click on "thepinkowks brothers!" It is a hilarious and age ap ( Full Answer )

Is funniest home videos funny?

yes it is funny they are coming out with new episodes soon.. and yes i think it's funny i hate it

What is the funniest YouTube video ever made?

this is an opinionated question, it could be any video, but i think it's a tie between I'm a banana (the banana song), and the will ferrel land lord video.

What are the funniest YouTube videos you've seen?

This question is quite hard to answer because everyone has different opinions but mine, for sure is "thepinkowls!" If you search "thepinkowls" then you'll find a bunch of videos but click on "thepinkowks brothers!" It is a hilarious and age appropriate! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!! .

Sounds on video clips on imovie?

If you want sound effects, go to the toolbar on the middle right (I am talking about imovie 08,09, and 11) and click on the music icon, the same icon in itunes. You should see options for music from garageband, itunes, and one or two sound effect folders. double click those folders for a long list o ( Full Answer )

Are there is funniest videos in reallife?

Yes. There is a video that you won't stop laughing. I watched the video before and it was really really funny. It won't make me stop laughing. Maybe let's see the World's most funniest video ever made, we will not be able to stop laughing unless we stopped watching because it was way too funny to wa ( Full Answer )

Why you only get audio from video clips?

You only get audio if the video is not in the correct format. Convert the entire video to one of the following formats before importing it into Windows Movie Maker: asf, .avi, dvr-ms, .m1v, .mp2, .mp2v, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpv2, .wm, .wmv

How do you put a video clip on facebook?

Install the Video application onto your Facebook profile. It should now show up on your left-hand side navigation toolbar. Click Video and on the top right there should be a button called Upload. Then hit browse and select the video from your C drive and it'll start uploading.

What is the funniest video of all time?

Guys,and gals, go to UTUBE and searh ANNOYING, and ANNOYING ORANGE, which will be right below it. I GARENTEE ull laugh your pants off.Check out and search MR BEAN as well.

How do you rotate a video clip?

If you have Windows Movie Maker 2.6 (I think) or older, then upload your video and go to "video effects." When you scroll down, there are options like "rotate 90," "rotate 180," and "rotate 270."

How do you remove the sound on a video clip?

You can take the video clip into a video editing program, selectthe audio by clicking on the audio track in the timeline, thendelete it, or you can turn the volume of the audio track all theway down. You can then export the video or render it out. If you are just working with one clip, or don't want ( Full Answer )

What is the funniest youtube video in the world?

This really depends on your personal opinions. However, Ipersonally like the videos from NigaHiga and Kevjumba. I reallylike Kevjumba's videos with his dad, as they are indeed quitefunny.

Where can one download video clips?

The first place that comes to mind for downloading video clips is YouTube. Most of these videos are personally posted, but there are some posted by companies as well. Besides YouTube, there are also converter services that one can subscribe to. These allow a much wider range of viewing.

What video is considered the funniest on YouTube?

There are many charts that rank the funniest videos on YouTube. On one of these charts a video called "20th Century Fox Flute Edition" is ranked number one. The website Smosh gives a list of 20 of the most hilarious YouTube videos. One of them is called "The Sneezing Baby Panda".

Where can one watch American Funniest Home Video clips?

One can watch America's Funniest Home Video clips either on TV when it airs or online at Youtube. Many online video services like Google, J.W. Player, Vimeo, and Dailymotion offer video clips of the show as well.

Where can i find the funniest videos of farting cats?

You can find the funniest videos of farting cats online at the YouTube website. Once on the page, type "Farting Cats" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the videos.

What are some of the funniest blackmail videos online?

Some of the funniest blackmail videos online are the ones that appear in films, for example the 'The Two Mrs. Carrolls' featuring Humphrey Bogart. Blackmail videos that don't feature real people are the best because they do not hurt anyone.