How do you set canon powershot for best pictures?

I have a PowerShot S3, which is much better than Axyz models, but still is just a compact cam. The problem to be avoided is the noise (when not in the shiny daylight). So:\n- (MORE)

How do you set the ASA on a Canon AE-1?

The ASA, also referred to as ISO, is indicated by the green numbers on shutter speed dial. To set the ASA, lift up on the silver ring along the edge of the shutter speed dial (MORE)
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What is the science behind a canon shooting a cork?

For every reaction there is an opposite reaction, the action is the force that occurs with in the cannon either by an explosion or compressed gas. The reaction is the cork bei (MORE)
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How far can a canon shoot?

It depends on the size of the cannon, the strength of the breech and barrel, the amount of propellant (gunpowder) and he weight of the shot (projectile). It is mostly determin (MORE)
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How much does canon powershot a520 cost?

The price of a Canon powershot a520 depends from where it is bought. For example, on Amazon it costs $100; however, on eBay it costs $55. The price might be lower elsewhere.