How does Bluetooth work?

Answer . \nBluetooth is essentially a short-range radio.\n. \nHere's a little tech information from the Wikipedia article. See the links to the right for more info.\n. \n (MORE)

How bluetooth works?

Bluetooth works by a radio signal, which is put out by the device and creates a data link. People then can use a bluetooth device to connect computers, mobile phones, headsets (MORE)

How do you set up your bluetooth of your Mitsubishi outlander 2007?

I bought a used 2007 Outlander XLS. I have been having the hardest time setting up the bluetooth. When I turned it on, the first thing it ask me is to say the "password"!! I c (MORE)
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How do you set up Bluetooth on iPhone?

On iPhone you can't transfer files to other devices only to other iPhone and that with a program you can go to settings>general and theres the option bluetooth

How do you set up bluetooth on a Lego robot to a computer?

The Lego NXT Brick comes with built-in bluetooth capability. This means you can connect to it from a PC/Laptop that is also equipped with Bluetooth. However, you must use some (MORE)
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How does one set up a bluetooth adapter?

Bluetooth adapters or devices are products that give individuals greater freedom, by allowing handsfree and remote access to their electronic devices. First, an individual mu (MORE)