Need set up codes for quasar television using a GE universal remote?

Answer . Your best bet is to go to the Quasar web site and look up the codes for your model and plug them into the remote. If that doesn't work, chances are the remote is (MORE)

Set up procedure for Phillips universal remote sru 3040 11?

You mean a Philips universal remote control SRU 3040 II. Here is the Philips support page for this remote (both 3040 and 3040 II): (MORE)

How do you set up remote desktop?

Writer,. To do this you need to have the computer you wish to connect to, and the computer you wish to connect with successfully connected on a network. Once this is done, yo (MORE)

How do you set up two remotes?

You first get your first remote, and boot up your Wii, then you go into the Home menu and down into the Wii Remote bit then follow the instructions after you disconnect ^^
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How do you set up a remote backup?

In order to successfully set up a remote backup, one must first have a software program written, paying particular attention as to whether or not an FTP account is already est (MORE)

How is a remote desktop set up?

A remote desktop is set up basically the same as a regular desktop. All the needs to be done is set everything where it is wanted and then sync the system.
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What does the Apple Universal Dock do?

The Apple Universal Dock is an Apple product that allows you to easily connect to a USB port to connect to speakers or a TV, or also to charge or sync your Apple iPod or iPhon (MORE)