How do you stop spam mail from MyZamana?

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most of mail reader software or internet email service has spam filter you can configure
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Why is spam mail called spam?

This is a false etymology. In fact, SPAM comes from a Monty Python sketch, where a can of SPAM keeps coming on the screen all the time, hiding the actors, for commercial purpo

How do you stop spam?

Most spam email contains links to unsubscribe from the emails. Itmay work but since most spam is sent to random email addresses (that may or may not exist) clicking the unsubs

How can you stop spam?

Do not give out your email address to third parties that you do not know about or are not familiar with. You could also not use your main email address, and instead use a spam

What is a spam mail?

A spam Mail is when A company Sends You Email To try topromote Their Produc Or To Flame,Best Avoided.

Can you stop getting spam mail?

It is waste of time and money to spent for block spam mails. That will not controlled by anything. You may just report it on some spam filters and spam alert sites. I got more

Why is there spam mail?

Because people want to sell you stuff-nothing more.

What is a spam with relation to electronic mails?

Usually un-asked for advertising attempting to sell you products, often of dubious quality and worth. It can also include 'spoof' mail which are attempts to acquire sensitive

How can spam be stopped?

There are many proposals. Most involve charging to send email just as you are charged to send physical mail. Others involve a database of authorize mail servers and trashing o

How effective spam is and the ways you can stop spam?

There are several ways to stop spam: 1. Get a decent antivirus software. Many spam messages are caused by malicious software which captures your contact details. Make sure you

Why do you get spam mail?

You receive spam email because it's an easy way for people to tryto advertise. The idea is that if a company sends email to as manypeople as possible, at least a few will be i
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What is myzamana?

MyZamana is a fraudulent entity and a malicious phishing site. They hacked my account and spammed everyone in my address book (making it look like a mail that I sent) and woul
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What are some ways to stop spam junk mail?

The easiest way to prevent spam is by not giving your information out to begin with. Use the spam blocking tools that are available with most email programs and report spam wh