How do I get to Sault Ste Marie Ontario from Timmins?

Via Highway 400/69-north, then Highway 17-west the distance is 683 kms. This route can take up to 8 hours. Not all highways are divided. Via 401-west and 402-west and throu (MORE)

Why did people come to Sault Ste Marie Ontario?

The Sault- was at the head waters of both lake superior and lake huron- it has a great rapids and lots of natural resources. It 's name originally meant "meeting place" and th (MORE)
In London

How do you get from Sault Ste Marie on to London on?

Take HIGHWAY 17 EAST to HIGHWAY 69 and RR-46 to TORONTO and SUDBURY in Greater Sudbury. EXIT. . Turn right off the exit ramp onto HIGHWAY 69 SOUTH to TORONTO. . HIGHWAY 69 b (MORE)

What is the distance in kilometers from San Fransico California from Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada?

4,330 km (2,690 miles) taking this route: . Cross the BORDER and the bridge into the U.S.A. . Continue on I-75 SOUTH from the border/bridge in Salut Ste. Marie, MICHIGAN, U (MORE)

What is the name of the movie similar to Deliverance set near Sault Ste Marie Ontario?

The Movie was "Rituals",starring Hal Holbrook,Robin James,Lawrence Dane...etc, set in the area of Batchewana to Wawa. The Movie's script was written by Ian Sutherland,a playri (MORE)