How do you transfer your windows media library to Ipod library?

To import your Windows Media Library to iTunes, you will first need to know what folder the songs are in. If you know that, you are all set... If you do know what folder you (MORE)
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How do you transfer to another ipod nano library?

Did you mean transfer from one iPod to another?. There is a program called iPod2iPod.. It's a good tool for managing the entire family of iPods. It will automatically displa (MORE)

How do you get to iPod nano library to transfer music to iPod?

Do you want to transfer your iPod nano library to a second iPod? If yes, then you need to run an app called CopyTrans, and transfer all your iPod music to iTunes, then sync yo (MORE)
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How do you Transfer the apps from your ipod to your library?

Connect your iPhone into your MAC or PC and iTunes should pop-up (if it doesn't it means you've disabled it to do so, so open it up yourself). In the top left side of the scre (MORE)