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Can you record a movie from your Direct TV DVR to a vhs tape if so how do you set everything?

Yes, but it does not create very goo picture quality at all. First, your going to want to hook up a coaxial cable to the back of the DVR where it says "Out To TV". Next, hook (MORE)
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Is there a limit on the length of rg6 cable that you can run from a direct TV dish to dvr receiver?

100 feet maximum is your best bet. I'm using a 100 foot cable now with no problems. If memory serves me right though, 150 feet it about the maximum length you could use, but (MORE)

How do you transfer movies from DVr to computer?

You cannot move a file inside the DVR unit to a computer. But you can record output from the DVR onto computer's hard drive. Buy a USB or PCI 'video capture' device for your c (MORE)
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How does the direct tv dvr work?

Direct TV DVR works in the same way as any other DVR service. You use your remote to record a program or movie and look for it in the place where the recordings are stored for (MORE)
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Who directed the TV movie 'Dreamkeeper'?

Dreamkeeper is a drama film written by John Fusco and directed by Steve Barron. This film was starred by Eddie Spears, August Schellenberg, and Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse.