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How do you twist flippers?

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Who was Henry Flipper?

Henry Flipper was an army officer . He was the first Black man to graduate from West Point and served in the rank of Lieutenant. He was court-martialed for some odd reason in

Why do whale flippers have finger bones?

Because whale ancestors were land animals with distinct digits. Over millions of years, their limbs evolved into flippers as they spent more time in the water. Those with flip

What animals have flippers?

Turtles, seals, sea lions, whales, dolphins, sharks, and things such as clams. *Well clams do not have flippers exactly, but they clamp their shells and it launches them* I ho

What is a flipper system?

A flipper system is a system that uses length and mass to create a catupult (flipping things around).

Do otters have flippers?

No, otters do not have flippers. They have four limbs which are used for walking and swimming. In fact, the otter can be extremely dextrous with its front paws, using them to
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Where can you get a flipper for your teeth?

  The best place to get a flipper (i've heard) is fromhttp:/www.unitysmiledesign.com   I got this off of yahoo answers, but i thought i'd let this website know too.