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How do you twist flippers?

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What is twisting?

  Answer   A full twisting back layout is not easy to learn because it takes a good dela of time and effort, but if the student is willing to do the drills and learn

How do flippers work?

because there are gaps between out toes water goes thru them and makes us slower swimmers. FLippers dont have gaps so it makes us swim faster.

Where are a turtles flippers?

Turtles don't have flippers. They have webbed feet that are in between their toes. But if I were you I would look at it because they can scratch! Alternate answer: Sea tur

What is a flipper?

  I want to be more exclamable,but a flipper is a "wing" like a bird but the flipper cannot make the animal fly.Penguins have flippers.

Who is flipper?

  A dolphin, and the lead character of the sixties TV show produced by Ivan Tors/

What is a flipper in cricket?

A flipper is a back-spin ball by a leg-spin bowler in cricket. Supposedly invented by Australian Clarrie Grimmett, when taunted, several years later, by Don Bradman, that Grim