When will the Palm Pre come out?

The Palm Pre will be coming out on June 6th from Sprint. The price will be $199 after a $100 mail in rebate. You will also be required to have a 2 year contract.

Can you download ringtones for the palm pre?

The only way to upload ringtones as well as wallpapers to the Palm Pre is to connect the device to your PC via the included USB cable and select "Mass Storage". By doing this, (MORE)

Is the palm pre a good phone?

The Palm Pre is an awesome phone! I can get my emails the second that they are sent. It is a touch screen and a slide up keyboard. Ever since I got my palm pre my life has bee (MORE)

Are the palm pre and palm pre plus the same?

No - there are a few differences. Cosmetic: The pre has a ball like object in the gesture area. The plus has a slit of light and no indent.. Memory: Pre = 256MB Pre+ =512 (MORE)