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How do you write a jingle?

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What is a jingle?

A jingle is a song like "sleep country canada,why buy a mattress any where else."

How do you get Jingle work?

    I get jingle work by word of mouth advertising, cold calling, and connecting with   radio stations that need jingle work. Check out the jingles at:     h

How do you write a jingle for egg campaign?

  Well a jingle usually is catchy but before you begin building the jingle you will need to know the goal of the company . Is it their product they want to promote or thei

What is a jingle for Maryland?

(to the tune of "forget you" bye ceelow green) this is for when Maryland was founded and it was a 13 original colonies I see you walking round town in Maryland and I'm lik

What are math jingles?

Multiplying fractions is no problem top times top bottom times bottom.  Dividing fractions is easy as pie, flip the second fraction and multiply.  Your welcome!!!!! (:

Why did James Pierpont write Jingle Bells?

People say that Jingle Bells was written because of a book.    cause he was boared okay!!!..leave the man alone maybe he was bipoaler or somethin..just wanted to exp