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What is jingle?

jingle could be a range of things so poo you

What are the lyrics to Jingle Bells in German?

Ein kleiner weißer Schneeman, der steht vor meiner Tür, Ein kleiner weißer Schneeman stand gestern noch nicht heir. Und nebenan der Schlitten, der lädt uns beide

What is a jingle for Maryland?

(to the tune of "forget you" bye ceelow green) this is for when Maryland was founded and it was a 13 original colonies I see you walking round town in Maryland and I'm lik

What are jingles?

  Sometimes it means those annoying slogans on adverts that are sung.

What are math jingles?

Multiplying fractions is no problem top times top bottom times bottom.  Dividing fractions is easy as pie, flip the second fraction and multiply.  Your welcome!!!!! (:

What are the words to the MacBook Air jingle?

I'm a new soul I came to this strange world hoping   I could learn a bit about how to give and take.     I'm a young soul in this very strange world hoping   I co