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How do you write hello in south African?

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How do you say hello in the West African language Fanti?

I could not find a direct translation of "hello", but there are  common phrases such as "good morning/afternoon/evening. Search for  the channel "Let's Speak Fanti" on youtu

Can a South African drive in Belgium on a South African license?

  Yes, as long as you get an international drivers licences from the AA to acompany it. The international drivers licence is valid for one year and you require two passpor

What are the South African states?

South Africa has nine provinces namely: Gauteng, Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Free State, KwaZulu-Natal and the North West.

What is a 'fundi' in South African English?

The word "fundi" refers to an expert or guru in a certain subject. It is derived from the Nguni word "umfundisi" meaning a "teacher" - also used for someone of high rank, for

Write hello in Chinese?

  It's written 你好 - ni3hao3 (pinyin romanization).

Where are South African coins made?

The South Africam Mint Company (Pty) Ltd. is located at: Old Johannesburg Road Gateway Centurion South Africa GPS Co-ordinates: -25.915052 28.156929

What is hello in African?

There are many dozens of languages in Africa, maybe over one hundred. You need to specify which language, or at least which country of Africa. Yes i agree but its mostly Jamb

How do you say hello and goodbye in South African?

South Africa has 11 official languages, 2 of European origin, and the rest of African origin. Here is a list of how to say Hello and Goodbye in three of these languages. Eng

How do you 'Hello' in various African languages?

If you are planning on travel you should know that there are literally hundreds of languages between the regional, tribal and Urban language centers. There are many areas wher