How do young egrets change as they grow up?

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How do teenagers change as they grow up?

girls: Get boobs, and their arms and legs get longer. the torso grows later. they start to grow pubic hair, and have periods when the female sex hormonee oestrogen is released

Are young girls encouraged to grow up too soon?

Yes sometimes a young girl has no choice but too grow up & act mature beyond her years. It has too do with puberty a lot of young girls today are starting too hit puberty soon

How do young animals change as they grow?

As Young animals grow, they witness changes related to both bodyand behavior. Young animals change their bone structure as theygrow, and also witness change in attitude and be

Why do tastes change as you grow up?

living environment, people around, and genetic memory (which makes u do what ur descendants did) but researches and case studies still far behind for this and rest were just m
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Where did victor Chang grow up?

Victor Peter Chang (Yam Him) was born in Shangai, China on the 21 st of November 1936 to Australia born Chinese Parents.