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Who can vote in Cuba?

In Cuba all natural born citizens are able to vote when they reach  the age of 16. There is no special registration that must take  place as long as the citizen can prove th

Does Cuba have mountains?

Yes. The Sierra Maestra is Cuba's largest mountain range, and has a  wide array of biological diversity and is located in the Santiago  de Cuba region. The range's highest p

Where is Cuba?

Cuba is in the Caribbean, about 90 miles south of Florida.

What can you do at cuba?

If you mean what can you do when vacationing, it really depends on the area since some have beaches while others don't. Apart from that, you can always go to a hotel and spend

Does Cuba have a president?

Yes. The dictator of Cuba is called the president. The president is elected by the National Assembly of People's Power.

Why is the country cuba named cuba?

The word "Cuba" comes form the Taino language. it either means  "where fertile land is abundant" (cubao) or "great place"  (coabana). People who believe that Christopher Col

What is Cuba?

Cuba is a country south of Florida. Answer Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean Islands.
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Do people in Cuba like Cuba?

The question is an opinion but Cuba is filled with gorgeous site seeing and statues like Che Guevara who was the Cuban Warrior its very hot and tropical storms hit yearly but