How does HIV attack and spread?

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How do AIDS attack and spread? the 5 ways it attacks the cells is: 1. HIV attaches to the surface. 2. Virus makes a copy of its genetic material. 3. Virus core enters cell and goes to the nucleus. 4. New virus assembles at cell suface. 5. New virus breaks away from the host cell. IT IS SPREADED BY 3 WAYS: 1. Sexual intercourse. 2. Sharing needles. 3. Mother to baby.
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Can HIV spread if you do not ejaculate into your partner?

Answer . Regardless of whether you ejaculate inside or outside of your partner, they have still been exposed to your body fluids by way of seminal fluid (AKA: Pre-cum), whi

How HIV attacks?

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) attacks the body through the immune system. It substantially weakens the body's ability to fight off common infections. Something as minor a

Can mosquitoes spread HIV?

No, mosquitoes drink and consume the blood. They don't inject it into a new person. No one has ever gotten HIV from a mosquito. The short answer is that you cannot get HIV fro

What does HIV attack?

HIV attacks and destroys the immune system, specifically the white blood cells that fight infection.

How can HIV not be spread?

\n. \nHow can you get HIV? You can get HIV from your mom or dad. When your mom and dad has sex, one of then has HIV. If your dad has HIV and he did sex with your mom and than

Is it illegal to spread HIV?

The answer to this question varies by circumstance and location. In the United States, the states make the specific laws that deal with HIV transmission. Some states have leg

Why has HIV spread so fast?

In the first place it took time before anyone realised that it even existed, by this time it had already spread all over the world. secondly it is spread through a thoroughly

How does HIV spread and attack the body?

After sexual infection, HIV usually remains localised in lymph nodes close to the infection site, where it uses a type of immune cell called a CD4 cell to reproduce. After abo

Can HIV spread through the skin?

HIV cannot spread through skin unless there are cuts or open wounds or sores. HIV can spread through mucous membranes which is the soft, often moist tissue in some organs,

Can fleas spread HIV?

Insects such as mosquitoes, flies, ticks, fleas, bees, and wasps cannot spread HIV. If an insect bites a person with HIV, the virus dies as the insect digests the blood. HIV i

What are three ways in which HIV is spread?

HIV can be spread via vaginal, oral, or anal sex. It can be spreadbetween heterosexual couples and homosexual couples. It can also bespread if someone shares an infected needl