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How did Juliet feel about Romeo name?

Juliet felt names kept the two apart and if only he was not a montegue they would be aloud to be together. she also says she would do anything to be with him even if it would (MORE)

In Romeo and Juliet how does the nurse feel about the marriage?

In the beginning when Juliet and Romeo first meet, she is supportive and dutiful to Juliet and her love for Romeo. Then after Romeo slays Tybalt, he is banished from Verona by (MORE)

How does Romeo feel about being banished?

Romeo does not like the fact that he is being banished, describing that it is worse than death itself, because of the fact that he will have to live without being able to see (MORE)

Romeo Juliet - Why did the Prince banish Romeo and not have him killed?

He had broken the Prince's instructions that there should be no fighting in the town but on the other hand he had been provoked into the duel with Tybalt by Tybalt himself, wh (MORE)

How do Romeo and Juliet parents feel about them?

Both Romeo and Juliet's parents cared very deeply for them, but were unable to do anything for them, and in Juliet's case actually caused her terrible stress and strain, becau (MORE)

How do Romeo and Juliet react to Romeo's banishment?

Romeo is more optimistic about it. Juliet is much sadder and is very upset that she won't see him anymore where as Romeo knows that he will find a way to see her again. Romeo (MORE)