How does Lucas say the singer of the Declaration of Independence created the sense that war was inevitable?

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In what sense was the US Civil War inevitable?

Probably two reasons are more important than others. First, the issue of slavery was very divisive between the north and south even before the Declaration of Independence was

Who was the first singer of American Declaration of Independence?

the 1st person to sign the declaration was mr john Hancock.who was born 12 January 1737 in braintree he graduated at Harvard collage. Elected to the Boston Assembly, 1766;

Famous singer of the declaration of independence?

The first signer of the Declaration of Independence was JohnHancock. There were 56 signers in all. Edward Rutledge was theyoungest and Benjamin Franklin was the oldest. John A

What two singers of the declaration of independents?

I'm going to assume that you meant "Who were two signers of the Declaration of Independence?" and answer that, rather than your actual wording, which seems to be asking about