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Does it save water to use a dishwasher?

Answer 1: Many times people will keep a constant flow of water going to wash and rinse. A dishwasher uses only enough water to get the job done. Answer 2: This would greatly (MORE)

How to drain water from dishwasher?

Your question leads me to believe that your dishwasher pump is broken. You may need a medium sized rag-- suck up the water and wring it out into an empty pot. if it is a s (MORE)

How do you increase water temperature for a dishwasher?

Usually the dishwasher is located near a sink. If you run the hot water at the sink, that will flush the cold water from the hot water line, so the dishwasher will end up gett (MORE)

Does a dishwasher fill up with water?

No, the water fills to about 3-4 inches then is squirted through the top and bottom sprayers.
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Do dishwashers wash with dirty water?

The water comes from the homes hot water pipe and any dirt present willcome from the dishes. It will be pumped out in the first rinse. The water comes from the homes hot wate (MORE)