What is water conservation?

Water conservation is looking after the resource. Doing the simple things like not leaving taps running and mending leaks in pipes. Water Conservation means to optimize the u (MORE)

How is water conserved?

You can conserve water by not taking tap, fresh, or salt water out of the habitat. Please help the earth and clean up so water doesn't get polluted so everyone/thing will be (MORE)

How can you conserve water?

Don't use a lot of water on your lawn.. Shower, don'e take a bath.. Don' leave the water running.. Here are some more tips: 1. Install a low flow toilet and shower head (MORE)
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Why do you have water conservation?

Though 80% of earth is made of water, only 1% of it is fresh water. It's only 1% that we can use for drinking, irrigating, washing etc. Hence it's very important that we conse (MORE)

How To Conserve Water?

One way of conserving water is to protect watersheds. By rain water harvesting , To conserve water one can take shorter showers, not leave the water on while brushing one's te (MORE)

How do cacti conserve conserve water?

Cacti conserve water by storing away as much of it as it can in the main body of the plant. It's leaves have gotten smaller over time and the plant has a waxy coating to lesse (MORE)

How do you increase water temperature for a dishwasher?

Usually the dishwasher is located near a sink. If you run the hot water at the sink, that will flush the cold water from the hot water line, so the dishwasher will end up gett (MORE)