How does corn grow from a corn seed?

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What is corn?

Corn, also known as maize , is one of the most successful cereal grasses of all time. It has been under human cultivation for over 10,000 years and has spread itself into every niche of commercial agriculture. Like most grain producing grasses, corn is an annual that must be replanted each year. Wh (MORE)

How do you make seed corn from corn?

Commercial corn today is 100% hybrid corn. This means that the seed corn is produced by cross-pollinating two inbred lines. Because corn plants have both male (tassels) and female (silks) reproductive parts, a seed corn field has to be altered in order to keep the plants from pollinating themselves (MORE)

How long will corn seeds last?

That depends very much on how they have been stored. In sealed,dry and cool conditions they can last up to ten years, but this is reduced to two years if these conditions have been different. These times can vary according to variety, and sweet corn seeds do not last as long as the popcorn, dent a (MORE)

How tall does corn grow?

According to the musical "Oklahoma" in 'Oh what a beautiful morning', "The corn is as high as an elephant's eye, An' it looks like its climbin' clear up to the sky." Some types of sweet corn are as short as 4ft. Other types such as field corn can get as tall as 12ft under good conditions. I (MORE)

What are corns?

Corns . Corns (also called clavi ) are specially-shaped calluses of dead skin that usually occur on thin or glabrous (hairless and smooth) skin surfaces, especially on the top of toes or fingers. They can sometimes occur on the thicker palmar or plantar skin surfaces. Corns form when the pressu (MORE)

What is in corn?

There are no other ingredients in the actual corn, but canned cornusually adds water, and if the corn has been made into anythingelse, like chips or cornbread or tortillas, then there willsometimes be other things like preservatives perhaps.

Where is corn from?

It is believed to have originated some 8,000 to 10,000 years ago in the fields of the first agriculturalists of Mexico and Central America.

Where does corn grow?

It can grow anywhere where the soil is fertile, and where it can get water and sunlight and a warm temperature.

What is corn in?

\nPractically everything (in the form of corn syrup, an extremely common sweetener). Corn is also used in the production of a type of plastic bag.

How do you make organic corn seeds?

You plant the corn. As it grows you are not permitted to use any chemicals on the ground or on the plant. Once the plant produces the crop, allow the ears of corn to dry on the plant. Then remove the dried kernels from the cob and you will have organic seed.

What Can corn grow in?

The corn grows best in areas with boggy soil. Also the corn can be found in fine soil

Where did corn from?

Corn originated in South and Middle/Central America with the Incas and the Aztecs. The official name for corn is maize and once grew wild and still does in remote areas. Over many years select pieces of corn were choosen and then cultivated to create better and better corn. Once the Indians began tr (MORE)

What has corn in it?

All sorts of things: Twinkies, salad dressing, Corn Flakes, candy, soda drinks, beef, chicken, etc.

How many corns grow on a stalk?

Mostly One per plant- the plant is actually capable of multiple ( as is often seen in the case of baby corn varieties) cobs. The main contributing factors being soil quality+water availability and crowding of plants (spacing between them and spacing between rows.) The more space you give (wi (MORE)

Where can you grow corn?

Corn, or maize, can be grown nearly anywhere that the soil is relateively neutral (pH 5.5 to 8.0), sufficient moisture can be delivered to the plant, and sufficient plant nutrients can be held in the soil. Corn will grow in a wide variety of climates.

Can you grow corn from popcorn kernals?

To grow corn from popcorn kernels you must first sterilize them by taking the butter off of them. Then place them in a wet paper towel, using about four kernels for a experiment. Then fold the cloth so that you can see the kernels trough the cloth. Then place them in a small cup and water them frequ (MORE)

What soil is the best for growing corn?

Any soil that has good loam in it. As for fertilizer applications, that's something for you the individual farmer to decide on based on what's needed in your soils. A word of advice: If someone on here tells you to use a certain type of fertilizer that they say is "the best," don't follow their advi (MORE)

How does frozen corn grow?

frozen corn can not grow because frozen corn is made from already made corn and frozen. so technically frozen corn can not grow.

How corn grows?

After preparing the soil in large fields, a farmer will plant the corn seed using a machine. Proper water and fertilizers are used to ensure it grows strong. The corn is then also harvested by machine at the end of the growing season.

Does corn help your breasts grow?

Yes, along with a bit of a belly. See, corn is a starchy vegetable.Starch is carbohydrate, which is a type of "sugar" that isconverted to energy when the body needs it. If the body has excessof this energy, it gets stored as fat. Excessive amounts of cornconsumed in attempts to enlargen the breasts (MORE)

Where on the stalk does an ear of corn grow?

The ear develops from the growing point of the stalk at a leaf node and eventually emerges from behind the leaf sheath. Typically it emerges from about the fifth or sixth leaf down from the tassel, but not always.

When corn goes to seed?

Corn (maize) "goes to seed" once the tassels have released their pollen onto the silks down where the ear develops.

Why is a corn a grain and a seed?

Because corn is a cereal crop just like barley, wheat, rye, and triticale, since it is a grass plant which is capable of sexual reproduction which produces seeds much like any other grass plant species that exists on Earth. These seeds are harvested and compiled together as grain. The seeds are call (MORE)

How much does it cost to grow corn?

This depends on your method and your scale. Buying a packet of seed, sticking them in the ground and dumping water on them everyday, in all would cost you like $5. I'll stop there, by your question I have reason to believe you're doing this for some little five paragraph 'research' paper, or yo (MORE)

What countries does corn grow in?

The list is too long for this venue, since corn is widely adapted. It grows in nearly every country in the western hemisphere and many in the eastern.

What state did corn grow in first?

Corn is originally from Mexico. (The corn mentioned in The Bible is believed to be Barley.) "Corn" in the US refers to a specific plant that most of the word calls "maize". Outside the US, "corn" is a general word that can refer to any grain or even simply small particles that look kind of like gr (MORE)

How hard is it to grow corn?

It depends on where you live, how much money you have and how much of a mechanic ability you have. Corn needs to have hot humid summer days to grow, plus it needs lots of fertilizer in the spring to be able to reach its full potential. You will have to work with several types of machinery, from till (MORE)

How do corn seeds dispersed?

Corn seeds can drop from the cob to propagate. Birds have been known to carry corn seeds great distances and spread the crop. In addition, some animals will move the cobs to other locations to eat them and leave some seeds along the way.

Can you grow corn from using seed from the ear of corn?

yes, it should grow with no problem. Maybe. If the original corn is a hybrid, what you get from planting it may not look like what you planted. If it is an "heirloom" non-hybrid seed, such as Country Gentleman sweet corn, you will get Country Gentleman. If it is a Hybrid Super Sweet, you may ge (MORE)

Where in the Central Valley does corn grow?

If you live in the Central Valley counties of Tulare, Fresno, Kern or San Joaquin, your summer temperatures can sometimes top 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Home gardens in this part of the state are fortunate because they are well suited to many fruits and vegetables. Cantaloupes, corn, cucumbers, melons, (MORE)

What city does corn grow in?

Corn needs large plots of land to be economically viable as a crop, so it is not grown commercially in any cities.

Does corn grow in antarctica?

Well, not naturally. Perhaps in a building of some sort, but not aboveground in the natural environment. It would freeze.

Can a corn seed grow in sand?

no it wont be able to grow because a seed need water and mud and dirty and sand is just little rocks broken up it wont get all of the things it needs

What is a seed corn?

A seed corn is the least common type of corn. Occurring only on the heel or ball of the foot, a seed corn consists of a circle of stiff skin surrounding a plug of cholesterol.

Is growing corn easy?

Growing corn is moderately difficult. You have to be willing to get the soil ready before planting, make sure the corn is watered enough, and that it gets enough sunlight. But the results tend to pay off.

How tall does corn grow to be?

Depends on the variety of corn grown. Some barely make four feet high, some easily exceed 8-9 feet. Typical home garden sweet corn cultivars tend to be around 6 feet at maturity. Other more exotic types can grow to a full 20 feet in height. I have even seen a seed production corn inbred plant tass (MORE)

Did Paleolithic people grow corn?

No, they mainly hunted animals for food and gathered food, such as nuts and berries. The neolithic era is where they started agriculture.

Who grows corn?

Farmers, producers, those who are selling corn as a cash crop or as livestock feed, or who grow it for livestock feed.