How does corn grow from a corn seed?

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How do you make seed corn from corn?

Commercial corn today is 100% hybrid corn. This means that the seed corn is produced by cross-pollinating two inbred lines. Because corn plants have both male (tassels) and fe

Where does corn grow?

It can grow anywhere where the soil is fertile, and where it can get water and sunlight and a warm temperature.
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How corn grows?

After preparing the soil in large fields, a farmer will plant the corn seed using a machine. Proper water and fertilizers are used to ensure it grows strong. The corn is then
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Can you grow corn from using seed from the ear of corn?

yes, it should grow with no problem. Maybe. If the original corn is a hybrid, what you get from planting it may not look like what you planted. If it is an "heirloom" non
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Can a corn seed grow in sand?

no it wont be able to grow because a seed need water and mud and dirty and sand is just little rocks broken up it wont get all of the things it needs
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What is a seed corn?

A seed corn is the least common type of corn. Occurring only on the heel or ball of the foot, a seed corn consists of a circle of stiff skin surrounding a plug of cholesterol.