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Can non military personnel wear military uniforms?

  Not legally. You could be charged for impersonation of a military Member, but as long as you arent wearing any distinct identifiers (ie Capbadge, or unit Slip-ons/ Epp (MORE)

Can discharged military personnel wear military uniforms?

Answer   Depends on how they were discharged and whether or not they are members of the reserve. You should have a valid military ID of some type, active, retired, disabi (MORE)

Can i wear my military uniform to church?

If you're Active Duty or Reserves on Active status, yes. If you're a Veteran, retired or otherwise, there are restrictions on when and where you can/should wear your uniform, (MORE)
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Why doesn't the president wear military uniform?

Though the President is the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, he is a Civilian Government leader, and as such, is not authorized to wear a military uniform in that (MORE)