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How does illegal logging affect the economy of a country?

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Why are illegal logging is harmful?

Very simple, just because it totally destroys the local Eco system factors to other problems. Forest cut down- Endangering of animals Rise of co2 and global warming En

What is the solution to illegal logging?

 Governments should help poor farmers to grow profitable crops  without destroying forests for cropland   There is a colossal world demand for red meat (hamburgers). 

How does illegal logging affects the environment in the Philippines?

Illegal logging affects the environment in the Philippines because as we all know that trees are important to prevent flash floods. And Illegal logging is truly affect the env

What are the main effects of illegal logging?

Illegal logging mainly cause . landslides . flash floods . global warming Trees hold the soil to make it more stronger and prevents landslide. Flash floods can happen

Does illegal logging cause landslides?

Yes, it can. Trees and their roots bind and stabilize the soil, especially on a slope. Logging means that rains can undermine hill slopes and cause landslides.

Solusyon sa illegal logging?

Mag lagay ng mga babala na "bawal magputol ng mga puno" at kung nilabag nila ito maari tayong/kayong bahain... :)) Salamat sa lahat ng mga nakakita nito :)))

What are the causes of illegal logging?

Basically, greed. Those involved cannot be bothered to replant and cannot wait two or three years to harvest mature trees. It is cheaper and easier to simply take the trees th

How can you help to stop illegal logging?

  Don't deal with companys that use illegaly obtained timber. Well In the USA Illegal logging would be greatly reduced if the States would impose much harsher punishments

What are the good effects of illegal logging?

The harvesting procedure itself may be illegal, including using corrupt means to gain access to forests; extraction without permission or from a protected area; the cutting of

How would the selling of illegal goods affect the economy of SA?

the buyers and sellers of illegal goods do not pay taxes and so the government loses revenue and is less able to provide for things like education, health, housing etc. anothe

How has Mexico's growing economy negatively affected the country?

Two negative consequences include haphazard growth without enough environmental consideration, and a bad distribution of wealth. Both result in destruction of habitats, loss o

Why is it important to stop illegal logging?

Because there is the danger of cutting down to many trees.   In Argentina, about a 100 years ago, there was lots of forest; but  people started cutting down trees for the