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How does illegal logging affect the economy of a country?

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How does import export affect the economy of your country?

Advantages and Disadvantages of International Trade   Advantages to consider:   Enhance your domestic competitivenessIncrease sales and profitsGain your global market sh

How does communal disharmony affect the economy of the country?

Communal and sectarian differences and frictions can destabilize a  country. Perceived, or an actual lack of equality can affect due  process and fair political representati

How does geography affect the economy of a country?

Geography affects the economy of a country directly. There are some  where businesses cannot be set up due to the landforms like  mountains or lakes. However, these also ser

How will the Olympics affect the countries economy?

It will affect it by where it is played and the things it sells. Food, Tickets, Bets, Ect. It improves their transport, their employment rates, their security and their popula

How would the selling of illegal goods affect the economy of SA?

the buyers and sellers of illegal goods do not pay taxes and so the government loses revenue and is less able to provide for things like education, health, housing etc. anothe

How does mining of gold affect the economy of the country?

When the U.S won the Mexican-American war the gained California. When the gold-rush happened it affected the economy of the country because manufacturing boosted, population b

How typhoon affect the economy of the country?

para saakin , sobrang nakakaapekto ang bagyo saating ekonomiya , paano nga nmn ba makakapag trabaho o hanap buhay ang ating mamamayan kung nasira na ng bagyo halimbawa ang ati

How can dengue affect the economy of a country?

i can only suspect that you talk of the disease dengue fever, it infects workers which means less people get to work, less good are produced and services given, also people ma

How does illegal logging affects the environment in the Philippines?

Illegal logging affects the environment in the Philippines because as we all know that trees are important to prevent flash floods. And Illegal logging is truly affect the env