How does infection spread in ambulance?

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What is the best antibiotic for an impacted tooth that has spread infection to the tongue?

Answer . \nWhat is the BEST ANTIBIOTIC?!?!?!?!? Antibiotics treat infection and its just a matter of what you can and can't take (if you're allergic to penicillin, for example).\n. \nIt sounds like you're going to get some antibiotics from someone who isn't a dentist or doctor and "hope" that ( Full Answer )

Can infection from gums spread?

Answer . Yes, an infection can lead to an abscess which if left untreated can spread to to other parts of the body. If you have an infection rinse your mouth out with mild salt water several times a day and visit the dentist. Also check out this site for more information ( Full Answer )

Could a yeast infection spread to your Rectum?

Yes! As woman we are always taught to wipe from front to back, well guess what happens when you have a yeast infection? Also, if (man or woman) you have too much yeast in your body, your anus can get a yeast infection just from pooping. This is common when people have been on antibiotics for an e ( Full Answer )

How is a strep infection spread?


What is the risk of spreading infection by coughing?

It depends on the specific infection. If this is a respiratory inefction, the risk is high. If this is a gastric infection, such as an H. Pylori infection, the risk is nil. The risk would be greater with those disorders that are caused by organisms transmitted through saliva.

How does a lysogenic infection help a virus spread?

I don't know if this is what you are lookding for but here is what happens with a bacteriophage (a virus that infects bacteria). In a lysogenic infection the bactierophage DNA will insert itself into the bacterial chromosome and may replicate with the bacterium for many generations. (inactive). Th ( Full Answer )

How does staph infections spread?

Staphylococcal can be produced in improperly stored food and therefore cause food poisoning. Staphylococcus aureus can survive on dry surfaces making transmission chances higher. During the 1980s tampons allowed the rapid growth of S. aureus which released toxins that were absorbed into the bloodste ( Full Answer )

Can HIV be spread from a non infected person?

No, since their bodily fluids are not HIV positive. Shared needles, blood, and semen all can hold HIV if the person using them/having them was HIV positive. Then How did the first person ever infected get it? Are you saying that a few people in Africa got bitten by bats and thoses few people had ( Full Answer )

Can an infection on the roof of your mouth spread to your brain?

Answer . Yes, an untreated infection can spread out beyond your mouth. It can not only reach your brain, but other parts of your body as well.. An infection spreads through blood vessels, which go through your whole body. It can easily reach organs that have high blood flow, like your heart, you ( Full Answer )

How are infections spread?

Peoplekeep telling you to wash you hands to prevent picking up diseasesfrom objects that are contaminated. But how do they becomecontaminated? They become contaminated through a process calledshedding. Viralshedding refers to the successful reproduction, expulsion, andhost-cell infection caused by ( Full Answer )

Can dogs spread human bladder infections?

My dog is 13 and has a bladder infection, with Kidney stones. He has never pottied in the house. I put down pads for him to go on and there is blood in his urine. I took him to the Vets and he is on meds for the past month. My question is, can a human get the same infection from a dog? I woke up and ( Full Answer )

How is acute respiratory infections spread?

Airborne is the #1 way it is spread along with contact. If an infected individual coughs into their hand and touches something and then you touch it.....but by domeone coughing without covering their mouth can send infected particles into the air and can be ingested by another individual. These part ( Full Answer )

How is MRSA staph infection spread?

Through a variety of ways including but not limited to : skin-to-skin contact (such as in sports like wrestling), obtaining from a non-living vector (such as a wrestling mat), sharing of personal property in an unclean environment (such as a towel in a locker room), or not covering or treating an op ( Full Answer )

Can you spread urinary tract infection?

Yes a urinary tract infection can be passed on. Though it's not aSTD, it can cause your sexual partner infected. Thus, before andafter sexual intercourse, both of you need to wash your genitalareas. Commonly, uti can be cured radically by herbal medicinenamed Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

Can ear infection spread to bones?

Absolutely! Mastoiditis is an inflammation of the mastoid bonedirectly caused by infections of the middle ear.

How can infection be spread?

Depends on the type of infection. Respiratory infections are spread through contact of respiratory particulates (breathing, coughing, sneezing and hand to hand contact), skin infections sometimes can be spread by direct contact (but often not). STDs are spread through sexual contact.

Can a yeast infection spread to the rest of the body?

Yes; if it enters the blood stream this is called a systemic infection. Yeast infections (or any infection) can get into the blood stream through open wounds, micro tearing or by simply growing deep enough to penetrate partially through the skin. Once an infection goes systemic it can wreak ha ( Full Answer )

Can a yeast infection spread to your butt?

Anyplace on your body when you can trap moisture and heat, is the perfect place for yeast to over-grow. When Candida's in your gut is out of balance, yeast can migrate out from the intestinal tract into the vagina and/or anywhere on the perineum (between the vagina and anus). No matter how often you ( Full Answer )

Can AIDS be spread by touching a person that is infected with HIV?

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is not contagious. AIDS is a diagnosis given to someone who is HIV+ and whose immune system is weakened to a state that makes them susceptible to opportunistic infections. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that causes AIDS. It is not transmit ( Full Answer )

Where can the infection of a nose piercing spread to?

Sounds like you should ask a professional piercer and/or doctor. If you've got something scary going on, you should get it taken care of ASAP. Wikianswers is not the place to get a medical diagnosis or serious medical advice. It's POSSIBLe someone can give you a great answer, but why wouldn't you as ( Full Answer )

Can a yeast infection spread if not treated?

Yes. In fact, read the source to learn more about it ( I HONESTLY SUGGEST IT):

How quickly can a virus spread to infect people?

Depends on the density of the population in the area and weather (sometimes) and the how lethal the virus is. If a virus is dangerous enough to be called a pandemic, then it would have to have a good way of spreading like airborne or waterborne or carried by insects etc etc. MY OPINION is that if t ( Full Answer )

How are pseudomonas infections spread?

Pseudomonas infections can be spread within hospitals by health care workers, medical equipment, sinks, disinfectant solutions, and food.

How do vaccines prevent the spread of some infections diseases?

Most vaccines give you a mild case of the disease they are attempting to prevent but in a 'dead' state that generally does not allow the illness to become serious. Your body is then able to produce an abundance of antibodies that will be able to fight off a 'live' version of the virus should you eve ( Full Answer )

How are hantavirus infections spread?

Hantaviruses are found without causing symptoms within various species of rodents and are passed to humans by exposure to the urine, feces, or saliva of those infected rodents

What precautions control the spread of infections?

Vaccinate people and pets against diseases for which a vaccine is available. As of 2003, the vaccines used against infectious diseases are very safe compared to most drugs; Wash hands often; Cook food thoroughly.

Can you spread infection from prostatitis?

Prostatitis is highly infectious. Prostatitis is caused by inflammation of the prostate gland by a variety of bacteria, mycoplasma, or Chlamydia. These bacteria and pathogen are highly contagious. Therefore, prostatitis itself is also highly infectious. The bacteria and pathogen could be easily pass ( Full Answer )

What causes the spread of infection?

It depends on which infection you are talking about, if you are talking about sexual infections the answer would be April Butler.

Does an ear infection spread to the other ear?

One of the main causes for ear infections is clogging the eustachian tube with mucous by blowing the nose too vigorously or by blocking a sneeze. If you have one infected ear, you will probably get it in both if you continue forcing mucous back up the eustachian tube of the other ear.

Who is in an ambulance?

Ambulances are commonly staffed in two person crews. The type of licensure these people have depend on the type of ambulance they are operating in. There are two different types of ambulances: Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS). A BLS truck is staffed with at least one EMT-Bas ( Full Answer )