How do you fix infrared transmitter interference from LCD TV?

I have a LG tv that I had to turn the back-light above 70 to use a remote near it. In order to use the remote with the back-light set at 20 for a dark room, all I needed was t (MORE)

Why does domestic violence usually occur between spouses?

Usually due to the fact that they live in such close personal proximity and their lives are so inter-twined. This can cause those with little self-control or anger management (MORE)
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What type of interference occurs when two waves are in phase?

When two waves arrive at a point "in phase" their peaks and troughs align, this causes constructive interference . The amplitude of the two waves will add up at this point, t (MORE)
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How many intervals usually occur in a two hour play?

During a theatrical play there are 15-20 minute intervals (also known as intermission). Intervals usually occur either between acts or at the halfway point of the play. A 2 ho (MORE)