How does pixel relate to image size when displaying and printing from digital camera?


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How can you tell what the maximum picture size is that you can print out from your digital images?

The more pixels the larger the print you can make with good quality. You don't not need a camera with a lot of pixels if you primarily print size is 5x7 or smaller. 3 megapi (MORE)

Altering the Print Sizes of Digital Photos

When printing out a photo taken with the digital camera, you do not need to use the preset sizes. Computer software allows users to edit their digital art in any number of way (MORE)
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History of the Digital Camera

The technology behind the digital camera has been in development since the 1950s. It started with television film, and was quickly iterated from there. People love their digit (MORE)
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Top 10 Digital Cameras

Although many of us have converted to the convenience of a smart phone camera, many times the tiny camera lens of a smart phone will not produce the desired quality of an imag (MORE)

What is Display Resolution?

Whether you're printing your photos, posting them to your blog or website, or sharing them on Instagram, you'll want to understand something called resolution. Generally speak (MORE)

Navigating Photo Resolution for Printing Purposes

Image resolution is a widely misunderstood concept, as it does not refer to the number of pixels in an image but to how close they are to each other. Resolution can only be qu (MORE)

How to Reduce the Image Size of Photos to Post Online

Posting a large image online slows down the speed of your website. If you post on a site you don't own, it provides size guidelines to prevent server overload. Online images r (MORE)

What is the largest print size for a 3872 x 2592 pixel digital image?

Size   An 8-megapixel picture is 3264 x 2448 pixels when taken at its full resolution. A 10-megapixel picture is 3872 x 2592 pixels when taken at its full resolution.   (MORE)

How does a digital camera record an image?

Digital cameras are very much like all earlier cameras. Beginning with the very first camera all have been basically black boxes with a lens to gather the light, a wheel you t (MORE)

What is the disadvantage of your images on a digital camera?

In terms of quality, the difference has been decreasing rapidly. I would say one advantage is there is no negative. Some years from now your images should not have any color (MORE)