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How do you terminate child support?

A great deal depends on the law of the state so without knowing the state there is no way to answer. In some states child support cannot be terminated until the child is age 1 (MORE)

How do you get papers to terminate child support?

You will need to personally visit the courthouse and fill out the necessary forms. Your signature must be notarized (the court clerks can do this) and the papers filed with th (MORE)

Can an adoptive father voluntary terminate his parental rights in a divorce to end child support?

The only way that parental rights will be terminated is if both parents and the family court agree that it is in the best interest of the child to terminate them. Simply wishi (MORE)
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How do you get proof of child support payments?

Pay by check on the dates the payments are due and make certain they are in the correct amounts. Maintain a hard copy record of your cancelled checks. If it comes out of your (MORE)

How can you get your child support order terminated?

Visit the court that issued the order and explain why you want the order terminated. In general, to terminate child support, you need to show the court that: you have custo (MORE)