How does the sardinian arum attract its pollination?

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What is arum?

Arum is a variety of monocotyledonous plant including wakerobin.

How do petals attract pollinators?

The bright colors in petals attract pollinators such as bees andbutterflies. Certain colors of petals only attract certain types ofpollinators.

How is the titan arum pollinated?

The titan arum, Amorphophallus titanum , is pollinated via tiny sweat bees. This certainly doesn't seem very efficient, seeing as how the flowers only bloom once in three yea

Are wind pollinated plants attractive?

That is a matter of taste. Grasses (the prime example) can be very attractive. It is the flower not the plants being attractive in case of insect pollinated and not so attra
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Why do flowers need to attract pollinators?

This is an example of "Natural selection". Those flowers that don't attract pollinators die out, because they rarely get pollinated except by accident. So the only flowers tha