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How does water vapour in air form clouds?

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How did condensation of water vapour form oceans?

The Formation of Oceans The volcanoes on early Earth pumped more and more water vapour into the atmosphere. This caused the atmosphere to change. As the water vapour increas

How will you demonstrate that water vapour is present in air?

When you steal buy a cold drink, and leave it in the open, you will observe that liquid water forms on the surface of the container. That is water vapour from the air that cam

How will you show water vapour is present in air?

First take a glass and fill it with ice cubes. Then after sometime  observe that water droplets will appear surrounding the glass. This  water droplets show that water vapou

Why do clouds form when air rises?

As air rises, it cools adiabatically. This is the result of less pressure being applied to a parcel of air as it rises in altitude (as there is less air pressing down above it
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How can you test the presence of water vapour in air?

For an Accurate Reading you would need a proper Humidity Sensor, howerver you can get a reading off a combined temperature, Humidity and pressure Dials on a kind of clock With

Why are clouds not evaporated if they are water vapour?

Clouds are made up of water droplets of varying size, or ice crystals, not water vapour. Water vapour is the evaporite of clouds, and clouds often dissipate, so the water drop