How far apart do you plant rosemary?

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How far apart do you plant cedar bushes to make a hedge?

From We have had the most success when people space our 3-3 1/2 foot trees 20 inches apart. You can space them as close as 12 to 14 inches to create a denser hedge faster. 5 to 6 foot cedars may be spaced from 20 to 30 inches apart depending upon how dense you wa (MORE)

How do you care for a rosemary plant?

Rosemary is a tender perennial shrub. Grows in zones 7 - 10 Other places it should be planted in a container. Where I lived in Arizona I had a rosemary hedge, it didn't need much work... a little water, a little mulch and I had rosemary anytime and in any quantity I needed. Here in the north I k (MORE)

How far apart do you plant spring onions?

Sowing Outdoors - Spring Onions . Sow thinly in pre-watered shallow drills, and cover with a little more soil. Allow 20cm (8in) between rows. Keep soil moist until seedlings are established. No need to thin - just pull when onions are young and thin.

Rosemary Pea plant What is it?

Abrus precatorius , known commonly as Jequirity , Crab's Eye , Rosary Pea , Precatory bean , Indian Licorice , Saga Tree or Giddee Giddee ( Abrus precatorius ), is a legume (related plants include peas and peanuts) with long, pinnate-leafleted leaves (multiple small leaves attached to a ce (MORE)

How far apart do you plant plants to grow a hedge?

Hi. I am planting a hedge 98 meters long and i don't know how far apart to plant them, they are going to be (saplings) which are very small trees!. I am using all hard wood : Oak ash rowan and beech . please could you help me ?. thankyou

How far apart should you plant cherry trees?

you should always plant cherry trees about 300 mm apart from the house so they don't over grow also it is best to plant them in your backyard or you will have people coming and picking them all the time

Rosemary flowering plant?

I am not sure i understand the question, but i can give some info: All rosemary plant will bloom. they need well drained soil and like sun or half shade. It is important that they have room around them and are free of more aggressive plants as for an example mint-species. Rosemary is not aggressiv (MORE)

How far apart do you plant okra from each other?

4 to 8 inches apart is a good bet. If planted to close u will have okra but you restrict the plant from filling out. In others words planting it to close it may look long and more straight up and may cut down on how much you could have harvest. I would also suggest soaking them in Luke warm water. N (MORE)

How do you take cuttings from rosemary plants?

Pull off side shoots about 4 inches long with heel of old wood on it, trim the heel neatly and plant in a shady spot and leave until next year. When you see growth you will know that it has rooted and can be lifted. If you put in a few you increase the chance of success.

How far apart should you plant tulips?

The larger the bulbs, the farther apart they must be spaced and the deeper they must be planted. Smaller bulbs can be spaced closer together. Spacing is not a factor when forcing bulbs in containers.

Why are plants far apart in deserts?

Plants can not grow everywhere in a desert because of it's lack of water it gets. So plants only grow in certain spots in deserts, and these locations are uncommon. So they are spread far apart.

How far apart should grape vines be planted?

Grape vines should be spaced apart according to their type. For cordons, plant 3 feet apart; for horizonal cordons, plant 4 feet apart. Plant fans 8 feet apart and espaliers 6 feet apart.

How far apart should you plant carrot seeds?

Sow seeds about 3/4-1" apart, in rows about 16" apart. Once they're up and starting to grow you'll want to thin to about 1-2" apart depending upon the ultimate size of the carrot.

How far apart do you plant watermelon plants?

Watermelon plants need lots of space. Seeds can be planted in hills or in rows. Space watermelon plants 6 feet apart in hills. Thin to the best three plants per hill. If planting in rows, watermelon seeds should be about seven feet apart. .

Where is the rosemary plant grown?

Native to the south of France and other Mediterranean regions. Rosemary thrives in chalky or sandy soil in full sun. The herb grows wild on dry, rocky slopes near the sea.

What is rosemary the plant used for?

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis ) has many uses. The whole plant is decorative. - The trailing or prostrate form can be used in pots (in colder areas) or along slopes in a rock garden. - The upright form is great as a hedge or back-ground plant (in warmer areas). - The trimmed branches a (MORE)

How far apart do you plant parsley?

Rows should be spaced 12" apart and the seeds within the rows should be planted 3" apart. Once the plants are growing, transplant the seedlings, making sure each plant has 6" of space on both sides.

How far apart do you plant watermelon seeds?

You can plant 3 or 4 seeds an inch apart (a 'Hill')in the hopes that one of them, at least, will germinate and grow. The hills should be 4 to 7 feet apart, depending on the type of watermelon.