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How far are the north and south poles away from the equator?

In latitude, each pole is 90° from the equator.    The surface distance from a pole to the equator is 1/4 of the polar circumference of the Earth (40,007.86 kilometers (MORE)

True or False The Earth's North Magnetic Pole is in the same place as the North Pole?

False. The Earth's magnetic fields are constantly shifting, and have been at widely different points over the Earth's history. The North Pole (geographic) is defined by the Ea (MORE)

Why is the North Pole of the magnet attracted by the North Pole of the earth?

The north pole of the earth is only the geographical north pole. The actual magnetic north pole of the Earth's magnetic field is situated near the south pole. Similarly, the s (MORE)

Does magnets always have a north pole and a south pole?

Yes a magnet has a north pole and a south pole.   Magnets generate a magnetic field that "flows" in one direction. To make it easy to understand how two magnets interact, s (MORE)

Why is the north pole really the south magnetic pole?

Yes. If you equate it to a permanent bar magnet.   Answer'Magnetic North' is a location or, more accurately, a direction. It does not describe its magnetic polarity. Since (MORE)

What is the difference between the north pole and the magnetic north pole?

  The magnetic north pole is the point to which a compass points. 'True north' is a point on the earth's rotational axis (the earth spins around this point). These are t (MORE)

If earth is a giant magnet why does the magnetic south pole correspond with the geographical north pole?

Good question ! The answer is that when scientists first began to  investigate magnets, the pole of a magnet that tries to point North  was called a "north-seeking pole". Th (MORE)