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What are north poles in magnets used for?

Magnets have been used therapeutically to relieve pain and  discomfort for thousands of   years, perhaps even longer than acupuncture, which is over 2000  years old. The (MORE)

How far are the north and south poles away from the equator?

In latitude, each pole is 90° from the equator.    The surface distance from a pole to the equator is 1/4 of the polar circumference of the Earth (40,007.86 kilometers (MORE)
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Who discovered the Magnetic North Pole?

The idea that the Earth itself was a giant magnet was first proposed in 1600 by the English physician and natural philosopher William Gilbert. He was also the first to define (MORE)

Why is the north pole of a magnet red?

No particular reason. The color could be ANY color, but magnet makers began dipping one pole in paint to mark the North pole, and red paint was available. Over time, it just b (MORE)

Where are the magnetic north pole and the geographic north pole located?

the geographic north pole is at the top of the world. your compass points to the magnetic north pole. Not the geographic north pole. Hope this Helps   Comment It's incorr (MORE)

How far away from the North Pole is the Magnetic Pole?

Answer   The Earth's Magnetic North Pole, where the magnetic field lines become oriented vertically, moves constantly due to the drift in the Earth's magnetic field. In 2 (MORE)

What is the magnetic north pole?

The Earth's magnetic north pole is a point at the top of the northern hemisphere where the magnetic pull is straight down, toward the Earth's core. It is not the same as the E (MORE)