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How far did the empire created by Alexander the Great stretch?

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What empire did Alexander the Great rule?

He ruled the Hellenic (Greek) Empire, which was created after the various states of Greece (ranging from Athens and Thessaly to Macedonia) joined together to form the Hellenic

What empires did Alexander the great conquer?

Pella, Granicus, Sardis, Gordium, Issus, Alexandria, Memphis, Gaugamela, Babylon, Susa, Perpolis, Pasargadae, Ecbatana, Alexandropolis, Alexandria Ariea, Kandahar, Kabul

How far did the Roman Empire stretch at its height?

The Romans were at their greatest extent in the early 2nd century of the Common Era, when Trajan briefly annexed Mesopotamia. The Byzantine (East Roman) Empire should be regar

When did Alexander the great build his empire?

Alexander the Great built his empire in the latter half of the 4th  century B.C.E. Born in 356 B.C.E. and ascending to the Macedonian  (and Greek) throne in 336 B.C.E., he b

How did Alexander the great create a multicultural empire?

Alexander the Great expanded his empire by conquering other places  and after conquering, he would respect his concurred places. He  would teach them other cultures(Greek) a