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What is a micro?

Answer . its short for micron. its a method of measurement. very, very short. smaller than a mm.

Is a Nissan Titan fast for racing?

depends on what kinda racing your doin. they are very fast truck, will beat almost any other stock truck on the market. but if you wanna race say, a souped up 2007 Mustang supercharged GT, then you ain't gotta chance. so pick your battles wisely, and you should be well off

What is micro?

Micro is an English prefix of Greek origin that refers to an object as being smaller than an object or scale of focus, in contrast with macro. micro- is a prefix in the SI and other systems of units denoting a factor of 10^−6 or 0.000001 (one millionth). Some examples of the prefix "micro" ( Full Answer )

How fast was the Titanic going?

Answer . It was traveling at 22 nautical miles per hour. It's top speed was 24 Knots, Which is about the same as 28 Mph (45kph) on land, But it never reached that speed on it's maiden voyage. This question can be taken two ways: What was the Titanic's top speed? The Titanic was designed to ac ( Full Answer )

How fast did the Titanic sink?

It sank in about 2 hours and 40 minutes.. If you're asking how fast she was falling to the ocean floor, it reached around 25 mph (roughly same as her top speed).

Why was the titanic traveling so fast when they knew ice was around?

The Titanic was supposed to be the newest and safest vessel afloat. There was great pressure put on the captain of the vessel to try and set a new speed record across the Atlantic Ocean. Because she had so many safety features built in such as waterproof doors, they thought that the ship could still ( Full Answer )

What is the terrain of Ireland?

Most mountains in Ireland are near to the coast, though there are some mountain ranges further inland. The centre of Ireland is much flatter, especially through the middle of the island, west to east. The inland mountain ranges are all north or south of that area. Ireland has been described as being ( Full Answer )

What is the terrain of Italy?

Italy has a variety of terrains depending on where you are. Thereare plains, and coastal lowlands. However, the majority of Italy isrugged, and mountainous.

What is the definition of terrain?

Terrain refers to the characteristic features of a land surface: landforms, elevation, rocks, soils, and vegetation if any. It is any term that defines a particular region or area. Terrain can be mountainous, hilly, or flat. It can be bare, rocky, desert, swampy, grass, forest, and many other des ( Full Answer )

What is the terrain of Mercury?

Mercurys terrain is Hilly and Lineated Terrain. Sometimes, it is called the Chaotic Terrain, because it looks pretty chaotic. The Hilly and Lineated Terrain covers perhaps 360,000 square kilometers of Mercury's surface and consists of massifs filled with hills ranging, in some cases, nearly two kilo ( Full Answer )

What is the terrain of Texas?

Texas is generally very flat with wide open spaces. However, thereare a number of mountain ranges in Culberson County, Texas.

How fast is a micro second?

U.S. usage in which a billion is a thousand million and a trillion is a 1 followed by 12 zeros. is one millionth (10 -6 ) of a second.

What is a lion's terrain?

The typical lion's terrain is the African Savannah. Many lions arekept in captivity though and their terrain is the grasslandenvironment of a zoo.

What is the terrain in the rainforest?

the terrain in a rain forest is pretty flat.. but if it was just b.k. night in the rain forest the animals then poop some much that the terrain becomes bumpy

What is Nevada's terrain?

The terrain in the state of Nevada varies from mountains to valleysto the desert land. There are lakes, such as Lake Tahoe, whichprovide an oasis like effect.

What is Omahas terrain?

Areas (such as the airport) next to the Missouri River are flat; however, most of Omaha consists of gently rolling hills.

What is Canada's terrain?

here's what I've researched so far: Canada has mostly plains and mountains in the west and lowlands in the southeast. diversity is the key note of Canada's geo with fertile plains for agricultural growth, vast mountain rangest and plenty of lakes. arctic tundras are located in the far north. Canad ( Full Answer )

What is the terrain in Maine?

The terrain has many mountains and hills. I have never been therebut read a book on it. There are a lot of valleys too.

Why was the Titanic moving so fast?

Since everyone worldwide was amazed at her size, the owner of the White Star Line, J. Bruce Ismay, wanted them to be marveled at her speed and wanted to get into New York a day early in order to not only make headlines, but to retire with a "bang" The Titanic was going so fast because Captain E. J. ( Full Answer )

What is the Terrain of Egypt?

Terrain : . vast desert plateau interrupted by Nile valley and delta :) this is the actual correct answer..... .

What is the terrain in china?

The terrain in China is full of mountain, highlands, hills, andrivers. The tropics make up the southern parts of China.

Pennsylvania terrain is?

sam exler . boom . rip this sed off . rip rest in pace . you shut upideit . uoiphg . noai

What is an Accreted Terrain?

Part of the lithosphere that comes off when a plate collides intoanother plate, and is added to it. This often happens when anoceanic plate subducts under a continental plate. As this happens,land masses such as islands are scraped off the top of thesubduction plate and added to the overriding plate ( Full Answer )

How fast is a losi micro-T?

a MICRO-T out of the box will go 15MpH very fast for the scale i have one i upgraded it and it will go 20 some will do 60 for 600$

How could've Titanic been built differently so it wouldn't sink as fast as it did?

You see, they built the ship in confidence, thinking that it would always stay afloat. Well, if you know the story, around midnight, an iceberg scraped the side of the boat and made a hole in it. Though the boat was so big, it did not sink as fast because the water rose slowly. If you ever go to Las ( Full Answer )

How fast did the Titanic travel in miles per hour?

Maximum speed was 26 mph . One charge against the captain involved his lack of concern for speed given the icebergs were known to be nearby. The Titanic was purportedly traveling about 22 mph at the time of impact. Given its size (about 44,000 tons) the distance to stop the ship at that speed was mi ( Full Answer )

Why did the Titanic go so fast on icy waters?

There was a great deal of competition between shipping lines. The ship that held the record for the fastest crossing received an award, the Blue Riband. This not only gave that ship "bragging rights", but allowed them to charge for for passage. The Titanic was attempting to set a new record for the ( Full Answer )

How fast did titanic descend from surface to bottom?

According to National Geographic her speed at the time of impact with the ocean floor was nearly 35 mph. It took approximately 24 minutes for the vessel to strike bottom. The rate of descent has been estimated at 500' per minute. The ocean depth is nearly 13,000 ft where the hull rests in two pieces ( Full Answer )

Why was the titanic traveling too fast?

Ismay knew that they would not break a record because the Holder of the blue ribbon, The Mauretania was much faster and the Titanic was built for comfort not speed. The Titanic was traveling at that speed because of the way people thought in those times. The thought that the less time you spent in a ( Full Answer )

Can Titanic travel 300mph fast?

No. Her top speed would have been 22 knots, which is roughly 25-30mph. Barely a tenth of 300 mph.

Did the titanic want to go fast?

yes, a man named J. Bruce Ismay wanted to beat the record and decided to have the ship go 21 knots. Captain Smith did not want to go as fast

Is he sank as fast as the titanic a simile?

Yes, a simile is a comparative statement or phrase that uses the words "like" or "as" Example: "This simile is as cool as my sunglasses" or "This simile is like the most awesome thing ever"

What is Alberta's terrain?

Varied. It ranges from mountainous to foothills to hilly to flat. Up north it gets rocky because it is on the edge of the Canadian Shield.

Why do Mormons claim to have a prophet when he clearly prophecies nothing but just micro manages and rearanges deck chairs on the titanic?

The President and Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) couldn't rearrange the deck chairs of the Titanic if he tried, it sank 100 years ago. But seriously, he doesn't micromanage. The expectations of the Church are already clearly laid out, and there is n ( Full Answer )

How do you change time and date in titan fast track digital watch 4053?

After spending a lot of time, finally i found the right technique.....four easy steps to follow....step1. press and hold set button...seconds will start blinking...... step2. press the mode button to reach on your desired setting.... step3. press adjust button to increase or decrease the time or dat ( Full Answer )

How fast did the Titanic fall to the ocean floor?

It took the RMS Titanic approximately 2 hours 38 minutes from hitting the iceberg to cracking in half. After it cracked in half, the hull plummeted to the ocean floor in about 5 minutes, and the stern took corkscrewed down to the ocean floor about 2 miles deep. So that's a pace of 24 miles per hou ( Full Answer )

Why was Titanic driving fast?

the titanic was driving fast as the captain or someone important of the ship (don't no who) wanted to arrive in New York faster than what it was meant to take so it would be the fastest and largest boat of the era

Why was the titanic going too fast?

Titanic, according to the protocol of the day, was not going toofast. It was standard to maintain almost-maximum speed, even atnight.

Why could the titanic not turn fast enough?

The people in the wheelhouse could not turn Titanic fast enoughfrom the iceberg because it was spotted with less than 40 secondsbefore impact.

How fast was the titanic traveling was it to fast?

Titanic's top speed was 23 knots, theequivalent to 26.47 mph, and she hit the berg at 22 knots. (about25 mph). As for being too fast, Titanic was being sailed following theprotocol of the times.