How fast can a fungus grow inside dentures?

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Why would a green fungus grow on my testis?

Green Fungus on Testis/Scrotum . If testicals are not washed for a month or so and is in warm, sweaty underclothing constantly, traces of green fungus called Amanita pantherinacan grow in the folds of the scrotum. This is caused by the fungus spores landing in underclothing when being aired. ( Full Answer )

What causes fungus to grow?

What causes funges to grow is the air, and water. Fungus uses oxygen instead of carbon dioxide and grows more rapidly above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Which plant has a flower growing inside it?

While all flowers originate from within the larger plant and emerge from sepals or guard leaves, the only plant which has a flower which opens, grows and is pollinated inside the fruit, is the Fig. The tiny fig wasp burrows inside the fruit and pollinated the flower growing inside. The wasp also i ( Full Answer )

How fast are the winds inside a tornado?

The highest measured wind speeds in a tornado were about 480 kilometres per hour (300mph). However, most tornadoes are weaker, with winds in the range 100-170 km/h (65-110 mph).

What conditions is required for a fungus to grow?

The area fungus need to grow in usually a damp, moist humid area.. Fungi include molds, mushrooms and yeasts and they all have different growing conditions. They all do need moisture, but they also require nutrients. Yeasts and molds grow on sugars primarily. Molds especially like acidic environmen ( Full Answer )

How does the baby grow inside the womb?

First, the penis must be inserted into the vagina. The penis will release the sperms (male sex cell) into the womb. Then, the sperm meets the egg (female sex cell). Then, they fuse together. The fertilised egg starts to divide to make more cells. It attaches itself to the wall of the mothers womb an ( Full Answer )

Is cheese safe to eat if there is fungus growing on it?

Mold growth on soft cheese is not considered safe to eat, unless it is intended to be there - as in brie. For hard cheeses - like cheddar and Swiss - conventional wisdom has said that cutting out the cheese within one inch of the visible mold will make the rest of the cheese edible.

Can you grow tomatoes inside?

can be grown in soil or soiless mix. hydroponics ebb flow or deep water culture. areoponics in up incoming soiless grow with unlimited uses for gardening

How do chickens grow inside of the egg?

Although you cannot see it with the naked eye, there is a small spot on the yolk of the egg called the Germinal disk. Prior to the formation of the shell, a sperm cell will attach itself to this disk. The shell is formed around the yolk and albumen as it travels down the oviduct. Under the right t ( Full Answer )

How does fungus grow on hands?

BY not taking care of your hands and if it is really hot (and your if your skin is dry) that's why we have creamXD

Why does fungus grow faster in the darkness?

Fungus grows faster in the darkness because fungus thrives in darkness, poor aeration and growing conditions which can do harm to the plant. Pathogens are organisms or viruses that possibly can cause diseases to the root system in time. To prevent; keep area around plants clean and provide good ( Full Answer )

What temperature does fungus grow?

fungi can grow at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. theystruggle to grow at temperatures of 4 degrees and below because itis too cold for them to be active and reproduce. Fungi can not growat temperatures of 37 degrees Celsius and above either because itis too warm.

What cause fungus to grow?

Fungus grows when it has nutrients and water and air. It is NOT a bacteria.

Do you grow sunflowers inside or outside?

if you think about it, it's in the name sun. They need to grow outside to get to the sun. but you can grow them inside to.just put them by a window that has alot of sun

What about dentures?

There are Two styles of dentures : complete or fulldentures for those who have no teeth, and a partial denture or an over-denture for thoseindividuals who are only missing a few teeth.

Why does the fungus grow?

fuguses are like the opposite of plants except growing with water but grows in dark places

Do plants grow grow faster inside or out?

Some plants are able to survive in very cold conditions and not in hot ones, so it matters what kind of plant you have and what the temperature is

When to get dentures?

The best time is when your teeth are hopelessly decayed and can'tbe saved, or if you lose your teeth in an accident. Answer When you are diagnosed with diseased or damaged teeth.

Which food does fungus grow best?

Any food.Bread is common food easly grow fungus.Solid state with moisture is ideal environment for fungal growth.

Why does fungus grow on tree trunks?

Tree trunks as they deteriorate have a high nutritional value for other organic plants like moss and fungus. This is the same when a corpse deteriorates, the organic compounds get broken down and is absorbed by the soil, providing nutrients for plant growth.

What types of fungus grow on trees?

Lingzhi (also known as Reishi) is a type of fungus that grows on trees.They are found in China,and they are used as medicinal herbs in China.

What climate does fungus grow in?

they can live in any climate best one is if it has lots of sunshine, they can live in the desert salted etc... they mostly live in the aquatic.

Why does bracket fungus grow on the top of logs?

A bracket shaped fruiting body is a convenient shape for fungi that grow on logs. The goal of the mushroom/fruiting body is to allow spores to disperse. A puff ball can "puff" out spores when a rain drop hits it. Some fungi are adapted for spores to be dispersed by wind or animals. Those species tha ( Full Answer )

Does jell-o grow fungus?

Yes. Apparently Jello can serve as a low-cost alternative for agar growth medium. In my case, i added some beef boulion cubes to add nutrients, and was successfully able to cultivate a blue mold and a yellow mold.

Can a plant grow inside of you?

No, and for a couple reasons. Plants need light to survive. Being inside a body cavity, there would be no light source for that plant. Furthermore, the body produces acids and other fluids which no plant would be able to survive in.

How fast does a tornado go inside?

Winds inside a tornado can range from 65mph to over 300 mph. Most tornadoes have winds less than 110 mph. The ones that cause major damage are usually in the strongest 5% with estimated winds over 135 mph.

How can fungus help orchids grow?

Fungi help orchids (and other plants) by providing water and nutrients. In orchids, specifically, the fungi associate with the seedlings. Fungal hyphae are much better than roots at discovering and absorbing nutrients and water in the soil (or whatever medium the plant is in). The water and nutrient ( Full Answer )

Why does fungus grow very fast on leather boots during rains?

because there are slight gaps of air in between the leather molecules. When the water goes into them after a long period of rain, then the water won't be able to come out. The water starts evaporating but is held in the gap because the lether molecules tightened in the sun. This is a great place for ( Full Answer )

What is denture?

There are Two styles of dentures : complete or fulldentures for those who have no teeth, and a partial denture or an over-denture for thoseindividuals who are only missing a few teeth.

Is mistletoe a fungus that grows on other trees?

No, mistletoe is not a fungus. Mistletoe is the common name for obligate semi-parasitic plants in several families in the order Santalales. These plants grow attached to and within the branches of a tree or shrub.

How do you stop fungus from growing on a tree trunk?

For any kind of fungus. located on anything, anywhere, whether or not it is on the ground or a tree trunk,etc. Make a tea of horticultural corn meal. Not gluten corn meal! It kills any fungus. i am told it even gets rid of Athlete's foot if you soak your feet in it. To one gallon water, mix in a han ( Full Answer )

What is the fastest growing tree and how fast does it grow?

Most of the fastest growing trees are softwood. They are able to expand faster then hardwood trees. Silver maples are the fastest growing trees that I know of in Minnesota. They grow roughly 3-4 feet a year. Growing heights may vary in different areas of the world.

How fast can winds be inside a tornado?

Most tornadoes have peaking winds of less than 110 mph, but these events are rarely notable. Violent tornadoes are much stronger, with the most powerful packing winds well over 200 mph. The fastest wind speed ever recorded in a tornado was to 302 mph in the Oklahoma City tornado of May 3, 1999, thou ( Full Answer )

What would prevent a fungus from growing?

Normally, it would be lack of water and/or food that prevents a fungus from growing. But lots of things can kill fungus; lethal heat, toxicity, radiation, etc. All the things that can kill most other organisms can also kill fungus.