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What is a percheron horse?

Any of a breed of gray or black draft horse originally used in France for drawing artillery and heavy coaches but now bred in other countries for general purposes.

How tall are percheron horses?

Percheron horses grow to be somewhere between 15 and 19 hands high,  with the average being between 16-3 and 17-3 hands. The average  weight for a percheron is about 1,900 p

Can Percheron horses race?

they are usually too big and bulky to go really fast, they aren't built for it.     They are very good though for riding and drawing carriages and sleighs. I have a Pe

What are the distinctive features of a Percheron Horse?

Some of the distinctive features of the Percheron horses is its long neck and beautiful head, for such a big horse. They also have very powerful muscled legs, although they ar

What horse as large as a percheron is white in color?

Is the horse really white or is it a gray that has faded with age. Gray horses start out life black, bay, even chestnut, but all fade into grays. Several breeds come to mind a

Which horse is bigger percheron or Belgian?

Percherons generally stand between 16.2 and 17.3 hands (66 to 71 inches, 168 to 180 cm) high, although the breed has an outer range of 15 and 19 hands (60 to 76 inches, 152 to

How big is a percheron horse?

On average, Percheron's are about 16.2hh - 17.3hh (168cm - 180cm), although any height from 15hh - 19hh (152cm - 193cm) is not uncommon. For more information on this breed, s

Why do percheron horse Chang color?

Most Percherons carry the gray gene, which makes them turn gray, and then eventually white as they get older. Many other horses carry this gene as well. In the case of Percher