How good will my chronic grow if I grow it under under a Phillips halogena 75watt flood light?

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Do plants grow faster under certain colors of light?

Plants, in fact, do grow faster under certain colors of light. The reason for this is that chloroplasts can only absorb certain wavelengths of light because of the pigments they contain. There are 2 photosystems in plants called photosystem I and II. PS I absorbs light on the wavelength of 700nm whi (MORE)

Do plants grow better under sunlight or artificial light?

In general, sunlight is better for plant growth as it is intense and contains the full spectrum of electromagnetic radiation required for optimal plant growth. Artificial light, if it is an ordinary room light, will only support low-light tolerant plants. Most artificial light sources (fluorescen (MORE)

How well would a plant grow under pure yellow light?

Most plant life needs full spectrum lighting. In early stages of a flowering plant, it would need a blue and green spectrum (achieved with usually metal halide light) and then switched over to a red and orange spectrum (using high pressure sodium lighting). Growing a plant under pure yellow light wi (MORE)

Under what conditions do peanuts grow?

Peanuts grow well in any sandy place where it's warm for 120 to 140 days, moderately rainy (25 to 50 inches yearly), and no frost. The plant originated in South America, perhaps Brazil or Bolivia, and now is grown worldwide. Georgia grows nearly half the US crop.

Can a plant grow under a lamp?

no yes it can i tried it and it grew perfectly you just have to make sure its one of those twistable lamp to rise the lamp when the plant gets bigger

Do beans grow under ground?

Some beans form in a pod that develops from the plant's flowers. Some legumes, like the Bambara groundnut do grow underground. Peanuts are legumes and grow underground.

What coloured light do plants grow best under?

Plants grow best under red light and blue is good to im not sure about yellow mabe if your doing a science fair test on this use these colours brown,green,clear,red and blue i know because i did my test on this

Why does hair grow under your arms?

Well, it's very hard to understand. Hair grows under your arms because we're mamals. Now, don't get confused. We are humans but we're mamals too. If you don't understand, you could always ask a teacher or search it on Google. that's the most I know about this subject. But, don't worry, it's complete (MORE)

Why do plants grow under fluorescent light?

Plants use light energy (present in the photons of blue and red light) to break apart carbon dioxide and combine it with nutrients in order to produce glucose. Any lighting will do as long as it is a strong emitter of blue and red light; the sun is one, and fluorescent bulbs are another.

How does seaweed grow under water?

Seaweed grows under water by absorbing the minerals and nutrients from the water. They also get the sunlight that reflects through the water since they are plants.

Under what light does a plant grow best?

Plants grow best under a combination of red(620-750 nm) and blue(450-475nm)light and respond best to particular wavelengths within the light spectrum(given in nano-meters(nm). The wavelength that the plant will respond to best depends on what kind of plant it is and at what growth stage it is in. Ge (MORE)

How do plants grow under artificial light?

Gravitropism's plant response to gravity, phototropism to light. Plant organs such as root and stem tips, and light-sensitive receptors, sense the different wavelengths of blue light and of red. Below ground, gravity and negative sensitivity to blue draw plant roots downward. Above ground, light sen (MORE)

How many hours under a grow light equals outdoors?

It is the same hour for hour. The difference would be the size ofthe grow light. The bigger the grow light, the more usable lightthe plant is going to get in a period of time. A grow light shouldnever be left on for more then 18 hours. You will stress out theplant, they all need some dark time.

What plants can grow under a casuarina?

Not many plants grow under casuarinas because of the needles. Plants dont have to grow everywhere, Apart from human cleared areas casuarina needles create some of the few gaps in the forest for animals to hang out in. I could tell you which species grow naturally under them in my area. But they may (MORE)

Why do plants grow better under fluorescent lights than under sunlight?

The sun emits all sorts of colored waves that are good for both flowers and foliage. If you are looking to grow a plant with a lot of foliage you need a light that emits a blue wave, which would be the fluorescent club. An incandescent emits a red wave good for flowers but be careful not to put them (MORE)

Why do my nails grow under?

Your nails grow under because of the way you cut them or bite them. You need to let them grow long enough before you cut them off.

How do you do a project on growing plants under different colored lights?

Place seeds in separate buckets or pots in a dark room. Hang a colored light bulb over (at equal distances from the pots) each making sure that no light from one bulb goes onto any other plants. Also be sure that when you enter the dark room to water the plants every day, no light from outside enter (MORE)

What grows under a scab?

New skin ! If you cut yourself, the body despatches loads of platelets to the wound site to stop blood oozing out - which form the scab. This is a barrier to stop infection getting into the cut. Underneath the the scab, the body sets to work forming new skin and blood vessels to repair the cut.

Can plants grow under clouds?

Some plants can survive (and thrive) in low sunlight. Others require full, direct sunlight for several hours per day. Talk to the folks at your local nursery to determine which plants would be best for your particular situation.

What grows under the ground?

Nothing really grows under the ground, but many vegetables do grow in the ground. These include: Potatoes Radishes Carrots and any other root vegetables.

Do plants grow better under higher intensity of light?

High Intensity Grow Lights For Plants: High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights are commonly used by indoor cannabis growers because of its lumens-per-watt efficiency, spectral balance and brilliance. To maximize production per watt a grower must keep manage the light close to the plant but not burn (MORE)

Do kiwis grow under ground?

No, kiwi is categorized as a parasite plant (parasitus inhomnia plantus). And like most of parasite plants they need a decaying or live organisms to develop their seeds. During hot weather the kiwi tree which does not produce any fruits releases its spores, then nearby animals inhale these spores wh (MORE)

Do plants grow better in artificial light or under sunlight?

Under artificial light, plants are not subject to weather conditions, insects, parasitic and aggressive plants. Also the light is more consistent and can be provided for more hours. So the consensus must be that plants will grow better under artificial light rather than natural light unless their (MORE)