How heavy is a vacuum?

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When vacuuming the pool why would the pressure be so heavy it sticks to the bottom of the pool and then loses pressure?

As you vacuum the bottom of a pool you pick up a lot of fine dust and other material it is not unusual for a filter to block up while you are vacuuming. cleaning the filter or

What is a vacuum?

A "vacuum" is a state of emptiness or a void (Latin vacuus ,from vacare , to empty). Classically, it is used to denote a space absent of matter, or ofair, as in outer space

What is in a vacuum?

In space both dark matter and dark energy are believed to be in the vacuum. The general answer is nothing-but light rays can pass invisibly through it. .

How do you vacuum?

It will sound kinda silly, but I use a leaf blower in my car, under the seats, and it will blow out all the crud that the vacuum can't reach! Just open all the doors and you c

Difference in vacuum and absolute vacuum?

There are several units of measure to use while dealing with vacuum. The absolute units start from full vacuum then approach atmospheric pressure. The "Gauge" ones use atm

In a vacuum there is no what?

In a vacuum there is no matter. A vacuum is the absence of mass in a given volume of space, so an evacuated space has nothing material in it. There may be electromagnetic en

What is a vacuum and a partial vacuum?

Vacuum is measured in inHg or inches of mercury and a true vacuum is anything below zero on this scale...for reference normal atmospheric pressure or air pressure is about 14.
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What object falls faster a heavy object or a light object not in a vacuum?

Weight has nothing to do with how fast things fall, only wind resistance. Take two 16 ounce soda bottles, open one drink eight ounces. The unopened bottle is twice as heavy as

Does the vacuum advance get constant vacuum or not?

Manifold vacuum usually. There may be some instances where someone reworked a distributor to arrive at a specific timing curve under load using ported vacuum with the vacuu