How is David Letterman able to see movies before they are released into theaters?

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Who is David Letterman?

David Letterman (born April 12, 1947 in Indianapolis, Indiana) isan American comedian and television host, most notable for beingthe longest late-night talk show host in US te

What did David Letterman do?

After college he worked at channel 13 in Indy as weather man . from then until he appeared on the Johnny Carson Show no idea .

Why does David Letterman tap his watch before his show?

The show is taped. It is then edited, if needed. The commercialbreak timing is much more important than the start time. Dave, likemany performers, is superstitious. He has som

How much do tickets to see David Letterman cost?

According to the CBS website, tickets for the Late Show with David Letterman are free to the general public. In order to get tickets, one must either request tickets online f

What movie and television projects has David Letterman been in?

David Letterman has: Played himself in "Today" in 1952. Played himself in "The Mike Douglas Show" in 1961. Played Himself - Guest Host in "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Car