How is air temputure related to high and low pressure air?

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Why does air move from high to low pressure?

Answer because the scientific law discovered by newton in 1864 that he wrote down in his book of records the force of gravity which equaled the exponent of the area divided b

Do the poles have a high or low air pressure?

The poles have a high pressure. I know it has a high pressure but not exactly why. I think because of the sinking air, the air that got cold. You should know the cells etc. BU

Does air pressure move low to high?

Air pressure (in weather systems) does not migrate as such. Air pressure is a product of metrological conditions in the same way as an eddy in a stream is a product of the riv

Can Air pressure can be high or low?

yes it can eg the higher you go the stronger the air pressure gets . that why when your in an airoplane sometimes your eardrums pop because the pressur is changing and your bo

Do tsunamis have high or low air pressure?

Considering a tsunami is a never ending wall of water and debris that crush everything in their path, I would say they were high pressure, but that is water, not air pressure.

Does air pressure flow from low to high?

No, it is the opposite. Think of a low-pressure pocket as a vacuum cleaner: it is creating a vacuum, thereby sucking in the outside (higher pressure) air. Therefore, the flow