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How is the equilibrium price determined?

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Explain how supply and demand interact to determine equilibrium price and output?

The answer is from an economics point of view. You might need to draw a diagram to understand the question better. Let's say that the initial equilibrium price and quantity is

What is the equilibrium price?

It is the price where the intentions of buyers and sellers match.   where the supply and demand curves intersect

What equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity?

equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity?:   equilibrium price:   When the price is above the equilibrium point there is a surplus of supply   The market price at w

How supply and demand interact to determine equilibrium price and quantity?

  Reffering to a DEMAND & SUPPLY GRAPH. When the demand curve intersects with the supply curve, we get the new equilibrium and new quantity. In order to find out the value

What is equilibrium price and stable equilibrium?

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