You were taking pills erratically when you first started your pills but you finally found a time that works for you how long do you need to take pills correctly before you can start having sex again?

Answer . \nSeven days.\n. \nIf you muck up on taking a pill (ie you forget to take it, or you take it late) you are advised to use other methods of birth control for seve (MORE)

How long after having your period do you start ovulation?

Answer . If you have a 28 day cycle, you ovulate around 2 weeks after you have your period. If your cycle is longer, add 1 day to the 2 weeks for each additional day of y (MORE)
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You are 8 weeks and you started spotting after sex are you having a miscarraige?

Although it is well known that women are at the most significant risk of a miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy 'spotting' can occur for many, various reasons at an (MORE)

Song at the start of sex drive where Ian is having his dream?

Here is the list of songs in the movie, can't quite remember it either. "I Don't Care" Performed by Fall Out Boy . "I need it" Performed by Bigg Mouth Written by (MORE)
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When can you start having unprocted sex when put on birth control?

If by birth control, you mean "the pill" you should be able to have safe unprotected sex within 7 to 30 days after taking your first pill. It is important to read what informa (MORE)