How long can a 32 gb memory card record?

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How long can a 2GB memory card record?

Roughly, about 2 hours of straight video.. I have read a few articles about the performance of SD Cards, and would like a more definitive answer. I am looking at buying an in

How long can a 128MB memory card record?

I just ChaCha'd the question. They told me that if you have a 64mb of internal memory, Then you can record about 10 minutes. So if we take 64 and multiply it by two then we ge

How many 10 mega pixel pictures will a 1 gigabyte memory card hold?

\n. \nThe answer to your question will depend on the type of camera, how you are storing the files and how complex the images are. \n. \nIn general, you should be able to ge

How long can a 8gb memory card record video?

Some video cameras have a file size limit of 4GB. The answer will also depend on what type of video you are recording. Standard video (TV resolution) will require much less

How many 2 mega pixel pictures will a 1 gigabyte memory card hold?

At 2mp's for 1gb, your memory card can hold at least 1,500 pictures. I had a 4mp camera with a 512 and that card holds over 700 photos. . P.S. Why don't you start looking for

Is 160 gigabytes a lot of memory?

It depends. If you take a lot of HD video and do a lot of video editing, then it isn't that much space. If you are an avid worker in Microsoft Office, it is a lot of space.

How many gigabytes of memory does spore have?

Windows XP: . FOR WINDOWS XP . 2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent . 512 MB RAM . A 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0 . At least 4 GB of hard drive